Cheer Coach: Shay Tondre



Bella Bolch Varsity
Alexis Valle Varsity
Brittany Silerio Varsity
Harley Little Varsity
David Mota Varsity
Jocelyn Campa Varsity
Juliette Sokol Varsity
Kaymen Fryer Varsity
Natalie James Varsity
Patrice Martinez Varsity
Raven Estrada Varsity
Paola Borrell Varsity
Sydnee Burns Varsity
Maci Wolfe Junior Varsity
Hunter Lee Junior Varsity
Hailey Dieckow Junior Varsity
Sierra Juarez Junior Varsity
Kiana Flemings Junior Varsity
Madison Kunz Junior Varsity
Sara Entezami Junior Varsity
Kaitlynn Pike Freshman
Jessica Moreno Freshman
Emma Anderson Freshman
Hailynn Lozano Freshman


Important Dates



Varsity Squad at MacArthur is made up of 10th, 11th and 12th grade girls.  To be a member of the Varsity Squad you must attend tryout workshops and tryout for the squad. Tryouts are held in the Spring.

JV Squad  at MacArthur is made up of 10th and 11th grade girls. 
To be a member of the any squad you must attend tryout workshops and tryout. Tryouts are held in the spring.

Freshman Squad at MacArthur is made up of 9th grade girls. To be a member of the squad you must attend tryout workshops and tryout. Tryouts are held in the spring.

Competition Squads at MacArthur are made up of qualifying members from each of the squads that go to State, Regional and National Competitions. There are Varsity and JV Competition Squads. The girls must tryout for the squads to decide which group they will perform with at competitions.

The cheerleaders primary focus is to promote school spirit.  Not only do the girls cheer at Varsity, JV & Freshman football games, but they support and cheer at all other sports for MacArthur. They make weekly posters and decorate the school in support of each sport. Cheerleaders motivate the student body with pep rallies during the football season. There are many "squad bonding" activities within the year which also help build and maintain the "TEAM" moral.
Cheerleading is truly a sport based on team building, high standards and commitment. Although competing is an important part of cheerleading, upholding school traditions, creating strong school spirit and lending a hand to the MacArthur community is what keeps the MacArthur Cheerleaders on the top.

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