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Dr. Cara Frontz, Instructional Dean
(210) 356-7683
Fax: (210) 650 - 1195

Science tutoring is provided by our entire department both before and after school.
(Wednesday mornings are reserved for faculty meetings.)

Science Department Faculty
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Emily Bell Chemistry Teacher Web
Rebecca Cantu Chemistry Teacher Web
Dr. Cara Frontz Biology AP, Instructional Dean Teacher Web
Lisa Garcia Chemistry Pre-AP, Chemistry Teacher Web
Bita Gilliam Chemistry AP, Chemistry Pre-AP Teacher Web
Janene Hildebrand Biology Teacher Web
Richard Hodge Earth and Space Science Teacher Web
Ann Kaster Biology Teacher Web
Kelly Lange Physics, Physics Pre-AP Teacher Web
Travis Lara Integrated Physics & Chemistry, Pep Squad Teacher Web
Melissa Kolenda Biology Pre-AP Teacher Web
Matthew McDaniel Physics Pre-AP , Physics AP-C,  UIL Science  Teacher Web
Alicia Mein-Johnson Biology Pre-AP, Environmental Science AP (APES) Teacher Web
Karin Montemayor Chemistry Teacher Web
Anthony Pecina Physics Teacher Web
Sheldon Richburg Biology Teacher Web
Christy Rastellini Anatomy & Physiology, Biology Teacher Web
Teresa Reyna Physics, Environmental Systems Teacher Web
Janet Robey Chemistry Teacher Web
Linda Walker  Biology, Swimming Teacher Web

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