MacArthur School Nurse

Phone (210) 356-7603
Fax (210) 650-1195
The School Nurse is on campus as a bridge to link health and education.
We are here to meet the health needs of our students.


Priscilla Ramirez-Westbook, RN

Cynde Kollar-Schwartzman, LVN

Mrs. Yolanda Arenas
Clinic Assistant


How you can be a healthy MAC student...
     Our main goal as a school health program, so students can learn!

  • Eat breakfast every day - yes, you do have time!  Studies show that students who eat breakfast earn better grades (especially in math), have fewer absences and behavior problems.  The nurse will not supply breakfast when you get that "no breakfast headache" about 10:30 a.m. SCHOOL MENUS
  • Emergency contacts are necessary - If parent phone numbers change during the year, please call with the updates or update through Parent Portal. Accidents do occur.
  • Special health needs - please make the nurse aware of any special health needs. I will inform your teachers of special  concerns in the classroom. This information will be kept confidential.
  • Insurance - Health insurance is available for students age 18 or younger through the CHIPS program and TEXCARE Partnership.
    MORE INFO - TexCare Web Site (bilingüe)
  • Immunizations - when you get immunizations, please bring  the record to the school nurse so we can update your school health folder. (See below.)
  • Protect yourself - wash hands frequently, do not share drinks or food with friends.Get enough sleep (at home at night--not in class).  If you have a temperature above 100.0 - please remain at home.  Diseases spread rapidly if  ill students are in the classroom.

Clarification of NEISD Medication Policy

Special health forms for medication or any special health needs can be printed from the Internet (see link below),  or  you may pick up the health form from the Nurse’s Office in Room A105. As stated in the NEISD student handbook,

  • A parent or guardian is to bring all medication in the original. properly labeled bottle
    to the school clinic along with physicians instructions regarding dosage amount and time. 
  • The number of tablets will be counted and documented by the nurse (or clinic assistant) and parent
    when the medication is brought in.
  • At the end of the year, the parent must pick up remaining medication. 
    Medications left in the clinic will be discarded. 
  • An updated form from the doctor is required each school year
    Please phone the nurse if there are any questions.
  • Parents of students with asthma who need to carry an inhaler should phone the nurse 
    at 356-7696, to arrange permission.

Immunization information

State law and North East ISD Policy require that all students entering school be fully immunized and provide proof of immunization at the time of registration. During summer vacation, immunization records may be brought to the Principal's Secretary in the Main Office, so that students will be able to attend school the first day

Medical and Religious exemptions will be granted as specified in State Law.  For more information contact your child's physician, school nurse (356-7696), or North East Independent School District Health Services Office, 10333 Broadway, San Antonio, TX, 78217 (210) 356-9244.

Immunization clinics:


NEISD Immunization Information
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