Textbook Returns

Douglas MacArthur High School


Turn in books during each exam period.

Textbooks for most courses were issued during prep days & the first week of school. Students who did not receive books during those times should see the librarian before or after school.

At the end of the year, return your textbooks through your teacher or the book room. If you need to return a book after the end of the school year, turn it into the Main Office as soon as possible in order to clear your financial obligations to the school. To learn the price of a lost textbook, phone the AP office. Until financial obligations to the school are cleared, a student may not receive the final report card, a transcript, or textbooks for the new school year. 

Students must have their I.D. card, or at least their I.D. number, when they check out books.

All students should fill out a Condition of Book Form for all textbooks received and turn it into the main office. This will protect you against fines for pre-existing book damage.

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