Money Matters:
Payments to MacArthur High School

Thanks to all MacArthur parents and supporters who donate time, money and effort. Please remember to include the following information on all checks made out to
MacArthur High School.

  • your phone number
  • your address

We appreciate all you give!

North East ISD uses e-CAP to recover funds more efficiently for checks returned for insufficient funds. This vendor automates the check posting and reconciliation process. e-CAP accepts checks with insufficient funds on behalf of the school district and resubmits them electronically up to two additional times for payment.

Customers who have checks returned will need to ensure sufficient funds are deposited into their bank account to cover the face of the check plus the $30 recovery fee which will be recovered electronically. After two unsuccessful attempts to collect the face of the check and the $30 recovery fee electronically, e-CAP notifies customers by letter and provides a 30-day period for customers to pay the face of the check plus recovery fee. If the amount is not recovered or disputed by the end of the 30-day period, the debt will be forwarded to the Bexar County District Attorney's office for further action. For check writers, e-CAP's recovery process is less intrusive and less awkward in comparison to traditional collection methods. For NEISD, e-CAP takes the burden off of district staff and resolves the situation faster.

Should you have any questions please contact the school bookkeeper:

D'Ann Holmes
650-1100, Ext 240



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