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Safe Arrival and Departure - A MUST

The bus area is on the west side of the main academic building, while the student drop-off area is the Circle before the MacArthur Arch on the east side of the campus. 
No private vehicles may enter through the bus lane under any circumstances.  

The drop-off area for the Fine Arts Bldg and the Athletics/Dance Facility is the east side of the All Purpose Facility (see map). Please do not use the Faculty Parking lot behind the Fine Arts Bldg as a drop-off area; this would constitute a major traffic hazard.

Faculty and staff parking areas are located in the east side parking lot near Bitters Road, and on the west side between the tennis courts and the baseball field.  Smaller faculty/staff parking areas are highlighted in pink on the campus map.

Visitor parking is located in the east side parking lot, between the Faculty and Student parking areas. (see map)

Student parking is located in the east side parking lot, and by the softball, baseball, and football fields. These areas are highlighted in sky blue on the campus map. Parking permits may be purchased in the AP Office. 

There are 22 Handicapped Parking spaces located around the campus:

  • in front of the Cafeteria / Police parking

  • at the east and west ends of the Faculty lot north of the tennis courts

  • in the Student lot behind the baseball field

  • in the Student lot behind the softball field

  • in the Faculty lot in front of the ROTC building

  • in the Faculty lot between the Gym and Fine Arts Building

Please note: the drive behind the baseball fields and into the student parking lot by the football field has several sharp curves not shown on this map. The speed limit of 10 mph must be respected on all campus drives.


Bus Depot and Student Drop-off Areas
The bus depot is on the west side of the main academic bulding. Passage from the bus depot to the courtyard, entering between Wing B and Wing C.
The waiting area is covered, offering protection from the elements during inclement weather. Drop-off circle under the MacArthur Arch

We invite you to view a  map of the:
Main Office Area, A-Wing


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