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German Studies
A four year program offers levels I through VI. It includes speaking, listening, reading, translating, writing, which are done through games, videos, cd-rom, singing,computer online work, and field trips. Honors' credit, which includes Pre AP is given on levels II through VI. The 2001-2002 school year includes a Dual Credit Program with San Antonio College. Students in this program must be seniors. They receive 8 college credits for completion, as well as their high school credits.    Student site for German studies
History of German in the MacArthur Neighborhood
In the beginning, it was German. The North East School District was originally on German farm land. Just take a look at the names of students attending North East High School. Some MacArthur names are Beck, Becker, Dullnig, Friesenhahn, Goldbeck,Guenther, Heimer, Koenig, Maltsberger, Menger, Pape, Reeh, Schneider, von Rosenberg, Woltersdorf, and more. If you have one of those "old German" names, let us add it to our list.
German Speakers
The German Language is spoken by over 120 million native speakers in four countries, where it is the official language. There are another 25 million speakers in the world. German was the first foreign language in the United States until the onset of World War I. One of every four Americans has German ancestry. The first German colony in Texas was in Industry in the 1830's.
Faculty Contact
Frau Sabina Varney

Frau Varney

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