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An Association of Marketing Students

What DECA is...and What We Stand For!

DECA, An Association of Marketing Students, was founded in 1946 around an ambitious goal: to improve educational and career opportunities in marketing, management, and entrepreneurship for American students. In the years since, DECA has remained on the cutting edge of educational innovation, working with the business partners to integrate academic achievement with vocational and career related skills.

With over 160,000 student members and faculty advisors, we function as the companion student organization to over 6, 000 marketing education programs in secondary and post-secondary schools across the United States, its territories and Canada. The principles that serve as the very foundation of DECA have become models for effective educational alternatives. DECA remains committed to the advocacy of marketing education and the growth of business and education partnerships.

Preparing For Jobs In The Marketplace

American businesses are working harder than ever to gain a competitive edge in the marketplace. DECA bridges the gap between traditional classroom-based marketing education and the constantly changing demands and challenges of employers. As a result, DECA members enjoy a competitive edge in the job market...and businesses can count on new employees who are knowledgeable, skilled and motivated. DECA students bring key ingredients to the business sector:

  • Basic marketing skills
  • Appreciation of applied learning
  • Integration of vocational and academic skills
  • Development of personal leadership skills
  • Recognition of the opportunity of success

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