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Model United Nations

The Model United Nations Club is a student organization that gives students an opportunity to represent a country at the annual Model U.N Conference held each November in San Antonio (MUNSA) and at other conferences.   

New members are more than welcome

  If you are interested in joining, please come by talk to Ms. Moyer or Ms. Townsend.

Faculty Contacts:

Lisa Townsend

  April Moyer

World Affairs Links
United Nations UN CyberSchoolBus
United Nations Cartographic Section
UN Security Council- Resolutions
World Atlas.com National Geographic Comparing nations Great Fact Site
UT Library Maps Geography Metasite Amnesty International Internet Library: Newspapers of the world
United Nations Documentation Center Internet Public Library World Bank Data New York Times

Links to all Permanent Missions to the United Nations

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Updated October 11, 2011

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