Mac Clip Art

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  transparent .gif file of the school name in gothic font 
mac_gothic2.gif (transparent .gif file, to paste on to a light background

All graphic files Copyright © 1955-2012 North East I.S.D. and may not be used for commercial purposes
without the express written permission of the school district. These graphics are intended for use by
the Mac staff, student organizations, and parent organizations.


mac_crest_colorized_175.gif mac_crest_colorized.gif mac_crest.jpg
crest_135.jpg crest_165.jpg crest_small.jpg


brahma.gif brahma_right.gif brahma_circle_right_gif_200px.gif
brahma_fighting_left.gif brahma_fighting_right.gif mean_brahma_left.gif 
brahma62_left.gif brahma62_right.gif brahma_small.gif mac_horns_button.gif

Mac M

M_stars_1.jpg M_stars_2.jpg M_stars_2.jpg
M_stars_3.jpg M_stars_4.jpg M_stars_5.jpg

Miscellaneous Mac Clip Art

Yes, we were the Brahmas even before we were MacArthur! The Blue M in the Courtyard
nehs_logo.gif go_brahmas.gif blue_m_tiny.jpg
brahma_button.jpg go_brahmas_football_button.gif
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