We are looking forward to another smashing success for all teams in the MacArthur Tennis Program. We have a great group of student athletes, and I look forward to working with them. With the tennis season running from August until May, it is a long road for our athletes, parents, and coaches.  The fall season consists of playing as a team, and then in the spring, an athlete plays either singles, doubles, or mixed doubles.

The MacArthur Tennis Program demands excellence from both players and coaches; we do not settle for second best. We strive to promote pride and confidence in the team while developing a genuine appreciation for each individual within an environment of trust and respect.

Our Mission Statement represents the core beliefs and ideals by which the program will operate. MacArthur tennis players must have the same passion for excelling in the classroom as they do for excelling on the court; we have established Academic Expectations to keep them on track. We value good sportsmanship and embrace our daily challenges as good citizens and expect our players to do the same.

Participation in extra-curricular activities is a privilege and discipline is the cornerstone upon which a great tennis program is built. As such, we also expect our players to understand our Discipline and Athletic code of conduct and follow by those guidelines and policies.



Varsity Tryouts: August 11-14, 7:30-9:30 am, MacArthur Courts
In order to participate in the varsity tennis program you must have advanced knowledge of the game. You must have a set of skills that the staff can help you build upon. It is also important that each athlete play outside of our school practices in tournaments, private lessons, or with other players. A Freshman/Sophomore may tryout if the skill level is that of a varsity tennis player. Otherwise a player will be placed on the Junior Varsity team.

Each athlete must have physical and all NEISD paperwork filled out and turned into the training staff before a tryout is given.

Junior Varsity: We encourage athletes to participate at this level and to join other sports as well. We are very flexible with these athletes and are wiling to work with other schedules to allow participation. These athletes will not be cut from the program unless they have poor attendance, academic problems, or behavioral issues inside the classroom or not following the districts athletic code of conduct. We look forward to meeting with the JV players on the first day of school during their scheduled tennis period.

Parent Meeting: August 26, 2014 at 5:30 in room B219.

I am proud of our athletes and look forward to future success. If you have any questions, please contact Coach Wyatt.

PRACTICES: Fall / Spring
Varsity will practice at 7:45 daily with some exceptions. (See Calendar)
See Calendar for all Scheduled Practices and Matches.

Junior Varsity will practice Monday-Thursday during 8th period with some exceptions. (See Calendar).