We are looking forward to another successful year for all teams in the MacArthur Tennis Program. We have a great group of student athletes, and I look forward to working with them. With the tennis season running from August until May, it is a tough road to hold for the athletes.  The fall season consists of playing as a team, and in the spring, an athlete plays either singles, doubles, or mixed.
The MacArthur Tennis Program demands excellence from both players and coaches; we do not settle for second best. We strive to promote pride and confidence in the team while developing a genuine appreciation for each individual within an environment of trust and respect.

Our Mission Statement represents the core beliefs and ideals by which the program will operate. MacArthur tennis players must have the same passion for excelling in the classroom as they do for excelling on the court; we have established Academic Expectations to keep them on track. We value good sportsmanship and embrace our daily challenges as good citizens and expect our players to do the same.

Participation in extra-curricular activities is a privilege and discipline is the cornerstone upon which a great tennis program is built. As such, we also expect our players to understand our Discipline and Athletic code of conduct and follow by those guidelines and policies.


Allison Wichmann

PRACTICES: Fall / Spring
Varsity will practice during 8th period and continue until 5:00 p.m. on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday.
See Calendar for all Scheduled Practices and Matches.
Practice Calendar
Tournament Schedule

Junior Varsity will practice from 7:45 a.m. through first period on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursdays. 
Fridays will be mandatory study hall period for all Junior Varsity athletes.