Welcome to the Lopez Clinic!

Nurse: Kathy Rackley RN, BSN
FAX 210-481-4073
Clinic Assistant: Margi Fisher
FAX: 210-481-4073

Let me welcome you and your students to Lopez M. S.!  You can find the clinic located past the Attendance Center and down the right hallway, immediately past the front office. My name is Kathy Rackley, and I am the school nurse here. My assistant is Margi Fisher.  We are here from 7:30 – 4:00 to care for our Panthers.

We’d like your help in getting to know our students. Please share any health issues your child may have so that we can best meet his/her needs. If your child has asthma, we ask that you bring the prescribed inhaler for school. If possible, a second inhaler should be kept with coaches if your child has after-school athletics.

We believe the best way to stay healthy is to be proactive!  A healthy lifestyle includes a balanced diet, daily exercise, and 9 hours sleep. Middle school kids can be tempted to overextend themselves, staying up late, eating empty calories, and getting involved in too many activities. This weakens the immune system and invites illnesses! We encourage all students who feel ill at school to inform their teacher and get a pass to the nurse. Students may not use their cell phones to call parents when ill. Students are not allowed to send text messages on cell phones. This is a safety issue. If a student is ill, they will be assessed, treated, and rest in the clinic while we notify parents.  We need your most current phone numbers on file as soon as possible, so please complete the blue emergency card and return it. Please call us to report any phone number changes.
We ask that you bring any medication directly to us in the clinic in the original container along with a physician completed medication request form, found on NEISD’s website. According to NEISD policy, students may not carry medicine, not even Tylenol or cough drops. This is a safety issue and is strictly enforced. All long-term medicine requires a physician order. Short-term over the counter medicine will be given for 10 days if a parent/guardian completes written instructions.

If your child requires glasses or contacts to see properly, please remind him/her to wear them daily.  We want them to be successful in the classroom. All seventh grade students will have hearing/vision screening in September. All eighth grade students will have spinal screening done in October. Parents will be notified if there are concerns with the screenings.

Please call us at 356-5003, Ext. 241 or 242, if you have any concerns or questions. Immunization records and medication forms can be faxed to our clinic fax line at 481-4073.

Thank you for trusting us with your children. We hope to have another great year at Lopez as we work together to improve our health and be successful!

Kathy Rackley, RN, BSN                     Margi Fisher, Clinic Assistant

NEISD Health Service's Mission Statement

To provide an environment that promotes optimal wellness for the students in the North East Independent School District community, in a way that:

  • Provides individualized quality health care
  • Encourages Parent/Child communication and involvement
  • Emphasizes health education
  • Utilizes available resources

so that all students will be able to achieve their maximum learning potential.