Cell Phone Policy

Cell phones and paging devices are allowed on campus during the instructional day or while attending school-sponsored or school-related activities during school hours, on or off school property, including school transportation, as long as the devices are concealed and turned off.

Violation of this procedure will result in the following penalties:
• The first infraction will result in a conference with the student, parent/guardian, and administrator. Disciplinary action may be taken at the end of the conference. The device will be returned with a warning that a second violation will result in the device not being returned to the parent/guardian.

• A second infraction will result in a conference, disciplinary action, and the device will be held by the school until the end of the year or returned to the company issuing the device.

• Infractions involving serious violations including, but not limited to, an invasion of privacy, inappropriate text messaging, or activities causing any school disruption will result in a disciplinary action including suspension and/or alternative placement, as well as, the loss of cell phone privileges.