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First Lighthouse middle school in the Texas and 4th in the world!

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Lopez Middle School

Our WIGs (Wildly Important Goals)

Goal #1: 

Lopez Middle School Students will bring home the Middle School Championship Cup for the 8th time in 9 years.

Goal #2:

Lopez Middle School will be the top ranking middle school in North East ISD based on the 2017 STAAR results.

Goal #3:

The student body at Lopez will complete a total of 10,000 combined hours of community service by the completion of the 2016-2017 school year.



It is a great time of year to find in your heart the gift of kindness and giving.  Lopez PALS, Art Club and Family Consumer Science Classes are sponsoring a food and hygiene drive for the NEISD McKinney Homeless shelter.  The items will be donated and will be given to NEISD homeless students and their families.  The drive will last from November 28th until December 15th.  Our goal is for each Lopez student to bring AT LEAST 2 items of the hygiene or AT LEAST 2 food items .  Please bring the items to school or send them with your child.  There will be a drop box for the items by the front office.

Celebration: Lopez students exceeded their goal and raised 1,500!

Giving Tree service project in November will run from November 7th-December 2. We are selling leaves for our “Lopez Giving Tree.” The goal is to raise $500 to do an extreme room makeover for a pediatric oncology patient. We are partnering with the Got Hope Club at Reagan High School for this project.

Lopez Wins NEISD Theatre & Debate Contest

Congratulations to Lopez Drama and Debate for winning the NEISD Fall Speech & Theatre contest on Saturday, December 10.  Not only did Lopez host the district wide competition they also won 1st place overall sweepstakes in the Large school division with a team total of 302 points. The Lopez team won 36 Outstanding Performer plaques, 27 1st place blue ribbons, 39 2nd place red ribbons and 20 3rd place white ribbons. The Lopez team consisted of 60 6th, 7th and 8th grade theatre students. Competing in the Public Forum debate division, Lopez had 7 out of 8 teams advance to elimination rounds. Overall, Lopez debate won 2nd place: David Gutierrez & Vishy Rao, 3rd place: Mizla Shrestha & Kaili Cuenca and 4th place: Abby (Quinn) Kent & Erik Glesne, The entire day was a success thanks to many dedicated volunteers including Mrs. Sorgi and her Lopez Orchestra students and parents who ran the concession stand, many theatre parent volunteers who judged, chaperoned and ran hospitality throughout the day. Many thanks to Principal Eric Wernli, Assistant Principal Carrie Elliott, Officer Villarreal and the Lopez custodial staff for their support during the contest as well! The students had tremendous support from their teachers and staff as well throughout the rehearsal process!

Congratulations to all of these talented Panthers!


Hey Lopez Panthers,

Are you ready to pass it forward? Synergy! Lopez artists in Mrs. Volz art class painted rocks with inspirational quotes on them.  The artist have hidden the painted rocks with inspirational words around campus and in the Stone Oak Reagan cluster area.  Have you found one? If you find one you can pass it on to someone, hide it so others can find it or if you want to keep the rock and you are a Lopez student you are welcome to join the artists in Mrs. Volz art room Thursday mornings to paint a new rock and pass  on a little kindness. If you are a community member you are encouraged to paint some "kindness" at home and then......Pass it on! Follow us on Instagram Lopez_Artt.   Post a photo of the rock you find on your own Instagram page #Lopezrocks .

Lopez Rocks Responsibly

Place rocks outside (dog park, paths) of public areas, not inside of stores or businesses, and not private property or yards.   You don't have to hide them, you can give them to a friend of family member.

Be Proactive
Weekly Bulletin-
Morning announcements

Please rise for the Pledge of Allegiance…

Please remain standing for the Texas Pledge…

Today’s reflection:

To enjoy good health, to bring true happiness to one's family, to bring peace to all, one must first discipline and control one's own mind. If a man can control his mind he can find the way to Enlightenment, and all wisdom and virtue will naturally come to him. - Buddha

Please remain standing for a minute of silence…

Teachers, please perform a dress code verification.

Students, you may be seated.


Good morning, Lopez panthers, today is Monday, December 12th, 2016, and I’m… and these are your morning announcements.

This just in! The 7th grade boys and girls tennis tryouts have been cancelled for today and tomorrow! Check with coach baker for makeup days! 8th grade boys - you are still tentatively scheduled for Wednesday! Again, 7th grade boys and girls tennis tryouts have been cancelled for today and tomorrow!

Congratulations to Lopez Debate & Drama for winning the NEISD Fall Debate & Theatre contest! Lopez Debate won 2nd, 3rd, & 4th place in Public Forum debate and the theatre students won 1st place overall sweepstakes with 302 team points, Tejeda placed 2nd with 214 points and Bush came in 3rd with 129. Individual theatre award totals were as follows:  36 Outstanding Performer plaques, 27 blue ribbons, 39 red ribbons and 20 white ribbons! Way to Champion Panthers!!!  

Have you received a Caught Being A Leader student social invite from a teacher? If so the event is this Friday December 16th after school until 4:00 in the Library.  Bring your invitation and enjoy some hot cocoa and cookies as a thanks for being a leader.  If you did not get one, there is always 2 more nine weeks to receive one. See Coach Titus for details. This is brought to you by the Student Fun Committee.

Students, as a reminder, we have a week and a half of school left for the Fall semester. This means… semester finals are coming up! Make sure you remember morning coaching this week if you need some help!

Today in the savor the flavor line it’s Chicken Tenders or Baked Potato with Cheese

And those are your morning announcements!

Sharpen the Saw
Lopez Leader in Me 
Submit photos

  • Lopez Families as we bid goodbye to the 2016 school summer  it is good to reflect on the ways we sharpened our saws. Our community is comprised of hard working, highly devoted people. As we work hard, we also take time to reward ourselves (Sharpen the Saw). Please consider sharing with us your experiences of how you have sharpened your saw  this past summer while you were on vacation or attending an event or function. Please e-mail your photos to Mr. Toback at or bring in your developed pictures to Mr. Toback-Room A205. The pictures can be in grayscale or  color. They will be displayed inside the school for all to enjoy.

We Serve
Submit photos
  • Our Lopez students serve in many ways. Please share photos of your child serving the SA Community and beyond.  Please send photos of your child to give a share narrative as to what the event was.


Lopez 2016-2017 Course Descriptions
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