Longs Creek is an "Exemplary" place to learn, where children are loved, and treated with respect and dignity. The faculty and staff realize that the purpose of school is more than just dispensing facts and information. We need to build skills necessary for children's dreams and potential to be fulfilled. By accepting the following correlates of effective schools, we strive to make Longs Creek a positive learning environment:


* Leadership


*Understood Instructional Focus


*Orderly, Safe Climate


*High Expectations For Students to Learn


Great academic scores are only one of our objectives at Longs Creek. 
We strive to help our students become good citizens and leaders


Learning Enviornment

Longs Creek provides a learning environment where students are
empowered to become thinkers as well as lifelong learners.


Exemplary Teachers

Longs Creek teachers regularly go the "extra mile" for students.


Reading and Language Arts

The Longs Creek reading language arts program is based on the
Four Blocks Literacy Model and Guided Reading strategies with
Six Traits Writing approach in place to support written work.



The Longs Creek math program is based on Math Investigations,
a school-wide program that promotes higher order thinking and
problem solving.



An abundance of technology allows our students to develop their
computer skills as well as locate information on the internet to
research and complete projects and classroom assignments



Longs Creek Where Effort is the Beginning of Success!