There's a new test in town and it is called the TAKS (Texas Assessment of Knowledge and Skills). The current test the TAAS (Texas Assessment of Academic Skills), will be replaced by the TAKS. There will be a two-year phase-in. Members of the class of 2004 must pass the TAAS test to graduate. Members of the class of 2005 must pass the TAKS test to graduate.  Students are currently field testing the new test. Please stress to your child and/or students how important it is that students take this testing seriously. Below are links to help our students prepare for this new educational benchmark. 

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Practice Tests and Tutorials TAKS and General Tests (see below)

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Practice Tests & Tutorials 
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Sylvia Wesley from the Madison Website)

High School Exit-level Tests College Entrance Tests
Accuplacer  Online Practice Tests Practice ACT Test   by ACT


2006 Interactive Online Practice Tests
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Science Practice TAKS , Gr 10
Math Practice TAKS , Gr 10

ELA Practice TAKS , Gr 10
Social Studies  Practice TAKS, Gr 10

 Science Practice TAKS, Gr 11

 Math Practice TAKS , Gr 11
ELA Practice TAKS , Gr 11
Social Studies  Practice TAKS, Gr 11

All other Practice/Released TAKS
 by the Texas Education Agency

Practice TAKS    by the UT Austin's TRACK

You'll need to sign up for a password and login. Once inside TRACK, the diagnostics will allow for testing in each of the TAKS  subjects. After taking the test, you’ll view a screen showing your score and recommended modules from the tutorials library for further study. 
Practice AP Test   by  the  Collegeboard

Practice with previously administered free-response and essay-writing questions. Correct answers not indicated (?). Visit individual subject pages for more information about individual exams.

Practice SDAA   by the Texas Education Agency Practice SAT Test  by  the Collegeboard

You'll need to sign up for the free practice test
Practice RPTE   by the Texas Education Agency Practice TASP OR THEA Test   by the Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board and National Evaluation Systems, Inc.
Practice EOCT  by the Texas Education Agency  


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