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What is PAL



Peer Assistance and Leadership (PAL) is a program in which juniors and seniors are selected and trained to serve as peer helpers with students on their own campus and or with students from feeder schools.  Research studies have shown increased academic performance, increased attendance, improved TAAS scores, reduced failure rates, and reduced disciplinary referrals for entire campuses with PAL programs. Lee High School has had this program since 1988-89. This year there are three PAL classes with over 70 PALs.

The PALs work with 7 feeder schools mentoring over 250 individual children. The PALs plan and inplement various community projects. The Peer Tutors and PALs join forces to mentor and teach younger students.

PAL is: 

An opportunity for younger students to interact with older positive role models and to develop closeness and trusting interpersonal relationships

  • A means for students to develop a greater sense of ownership and responsibility in their school and their community.

  • An opportunity to have a positive impact on the overall school climate.


- A source of advice or solutions,

- A substitute for parental, school, other professional guidance.

- An attempt to provide therapy or "armchair psychology".

- Exclusively for "problem students"

- A bull session or opportunity for a free period.

- A moralizing agent for pushing personal values on students.

- A cure-all.


PALs are expected to maintain a positive attitude not only in the classroom, but outside the classroom as well.  PALs are expected to have a positive attitude towards school and family.  They are also expected to follow the PAL code of conduct, follow all school rules and regulations.  PALs are expected to pass their classes, and set an example to fellow peers and younger students. PALs are expected to have honesty and integrity.


PALs are:

  • Leaders

  • Role Models

  • Mentors

  • Dependable, Committed, and Caring

  • Peers helping peers

  • Family

  • There for each other

  • PALs to one another