Lee 101

Get to know Robert E. Lee High School!

Advisory Power Points

Tuesday - Cafeteria/Courtyard/Bus

Cafeteria ID expectations, lunch lines, Cleaning up, Passes at lunch, Boundaries at lunch, use of electronics, bussing expectations.

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Cafeteria Guidelines 2012-13 from LeeTVon Vimeo.


Bus Guidelines 2012-13 from LeeTV on Vimeo.

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Wednesday, "Safe and Civil Schools"

Safe and Civil Schools pdf version
Patterning expectations within the Lee classrooms and campus, hallways, passes.

Thursday - "Positive Steps to Changing Behavior"
Positive Steps to Changing Behavior pdf version

SOT, Dress code, electronics, Code of conduct.

Friday - "Lee High School Attendance"
Behavior pdf version

No Credits and Attendance

Tuesday, - Hazing and Hazing Test

Hazing Video

Kloza from LeeTV on Vimeo.