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Last Name  First Name Title  Email Website
Adams Gervais Teacher Athletics gadams2@neisd.net Web Page
Alanis Christina Teacher Dance calani@neisd.net Web Page
Alcala Melissa Director - STEM malcal3@neisd.net Web Page
Alcala Melissa Director (STEM) malcal3@neisd.net Web Page
Alcala Jennifer Teacher Theatre jalcal@neisd.net Web Page
Alfieri Christopher Teacher PE calfie@neisd.net Web Page
Almazan Yolanda Admin Asst II to Coord - NESA yalmaz@neisd.net Web Page
Anderson Sandra Teacher SPED Local Cred sander1@neisd.net Web Page
Andrade Jr. Samuel Teacher sandra1@neisd.net Web Page
Baker Brannon Teacher Music - HS bbaker1@neisd.net Web Page
Barrera Valerie Teacher Athletics vbarre3@neisd.net Web Page
Barthuly Claudia Teacher ASL cbarth@neisd.net Web Page
Bauer Caroline Teacher Math cbauer@neisd.net Web Page
Belzung Eugenia Teacher SPED English ebelzu@neisd.net Web Page
Benavidez Andrea Counselor abenav11@neisd.net Web Page
Bilbrey Alice Teacher English abilbr@neisd.net Web Page
Bolton Karla STAN Counselor kbolto@neisd.net Web Page
Borton Joyce Teacher Career & Preparation jborto@neisd.net Web Page
Broussard Neesa Campus ELL Specialist nbrous@neisd.net Web Page
Bryant Jordan Teacher Music - HS (NESA) jbryan@neisd.net Web Page
Callan Mary Lisa LSSP mcalla1@neisd.net Web Page
Campos Geraldina Clinic Assistant gcampo@neisd.net Web Page
Carlin Samuel Teacher Athletics scarli@neisd.net Web Page
Carroll Zane Teacher Art zcarro3@neisd.net Web Page
Castillo Henrietta Admin Asst to Principal - HS hcasti@neisd.net Web Page
Castillon Maribel Teacher Reading mcasti3@neisd.net Web Page
Castro Lucinda Teacher Math lcastr@neisd.net Web Page
Cervantes Esther Counselor ecerva1@neisd.net Web Page
Comeaux Kristie Copier Operator kcomea@neisd.net Web Page
Connelly David Teacher Theatre (NESA) dconne@neisd.net Web Page
Coronado Norma Special Education Clerk ncoron1@neisd.net Web Page
Danaher John Teacher Athletics jdanah@neisd.net Web Page
De la Garza Tamez Jose Carlos Special Ed Assistant jdelag@neisd.net Web Page
Delvalle Tanya Teacher Science tdelva@neisd.net Web Page
Demasco Melissa Teacher Career & Tech mdemas@neisd.net Web Page
Ditto Taylor Counselor tditto@neisd.net Web Page
Dretke David Assistant Principal ddretk@neisd.net Web Page
Duesing Caroline Teacher Science cduesi@neisd.net Web Page
Edwards Candice Full Time Substitute cedwar1@neisd.net Web Page
Emley Charles Special Ed Assistant cemley@neisd.net Web Page
Escobedo Hugo Teacher Music - HS hescob@neisd.net Web Page
Esquivel-Guajardo Diana Family Specialist/Parent Liaison desqui1@neisd.net Web Page
Evans Walter Teacher Social Studies wevans2@neisd.net Web Page
Everling Troy Teacher SPED Local Cred teverl@neisd.net Web Page
Fazzone Tracy Counselor tfazzo@neisd.net Web Page
Fisher Kristin Teacher Science kfishe@neisd.net Web Page
Flores Rebecca Teacher Social Studies rflore34@neisd.net Web Page
Flores Irma Speech Language Pathologist iflore2@neisd.net Web Page
Flores Miguel Teacher Career & Technology mflore7@neisd.net Web Page
Fowler Eileen Teacher AVID efowle@neisd.net Web Page
Franco Nicole Principal nfranc1@neisd.net Web Page
Fry Kaitlin Teacher Math kfry@neisd.net Web Page
Galindo Jennifer Teacher Math jgalin3@neisd.net Web Page
Galyon Norman Teacher Athletics ngalyo@neisd.net Web Page
Garcia Robert Teacher Social Studies rgarci@neisd.net Web Page
Garza Michael Teacher- English mgarza9@neisd.net Web Page
Genosa Christian Teacher Science cgenos@neisd.net Web Page
Gibbs Ana Del Teacher Spanish agibbs@neisd.net Web Page
Gillespie Amy Teacher agille1@neisd.net Web Page
Giordanelli Kimberly Teacher Math kgiord@neisd.net Web Page
Goh Denison Glenda Teacher Career & Tech ggohde@neisd.net Web Page
Gomez Magaly Teacher Spanish mgomez10@neisd.net Web Page
Gomez Liza Teacher PE lgomez11@neisd.net Web Page
Gomez Veronica Teacher Athletics vgomez@neisd.net Web Page
Gonzales Bruce Teacher Math bgonza4@neisd.net Web Page
Gonzales Mauricio Teacher English mgonza13@neisd.net Web Page
Gonzalez Maria ESL Clerk mgonza25@neisd.net Web Page
Gonzalez Rosario Attendance Clerk rgonza9@neisd.net Web Page
Greathouse David Teacher Athletics dgreat@neisd.net Web Page
Gresham Carolyn Teacher Dance (NESA) cgresh@neisd.net Web Page
Gresham Philip Teacher Athletics pgresh@neisd.net Web Page
Griffith Jeff Teacher-Math jgriff2@neisd.net Web Page
Guerrero Tina Data Processor - MS/HS tguerr@neisd.net Web Page
Guerrero Jeanette Family Specialist/Parent Involvement Liaison jguerr1@neisd.net Web Page
Guerrero Lizette Teacher English lguerr8@neisd.net Web Page
Hansen Mark Instructional Dean mhanse@neisd.net Web Page
Henson Nancy Teacher SPED Co-Teacher nhenso@neisd.net Web Page
Hernandez Shelley Teacher-Math s-herna1@neisd.net Web Page
Hernandez Patricia Teacher English pherna2@neisd.net Web Page
Hesse Brock Teacher bhesse@neisd.net Web Page
Hinojosa Sarah Assistant Principal shinoj@neisd.net Web Page
Hudler Jared Teacher Music - HS jhudle@neisd.net Web Page
Hultgren Tina Teacher Social Studies thultg@neisd.net Web Page
Humphrey Rachel Teacher Social Studies rhumph@neisd.net Web Page
Jaime-Hernandez Norma Teacher Reading njaime@neisd.net Web Page
Janak Jennifer Teacher Art (NESA) jjanak@neisd.net Web Page
Janysek Kathleen Teacher Math kjanys@neisd.net Web Page
Jimenez-Osuna Guido Teacher Math gjimen@neisd.net Web Page
Johnson Jordan Teacher Math jjohns15@neisd.net Web Page
Johnson Debra Teacher English djohns5@neisd.net Web Page
Johnson Kellie Teacher Athletics kjohns1@neisd.net Web Page
Johnson Elizabeth Teacher Math ejohns29@neisd.net Web Page
Johnson Elberdina Licensed Vocational Nurse ejohns5@neisd.net Web Page
Joplin Rebecca Registered Nurse rjopli1@neisd.net Web Page
King Kenneth Teacher Health kking4@neisd.net Web Page
Kloza Daniel Head Coach/Athletic Coordinator dkloza@neisd.net Web Page
Kosmo Cynthia Teacher Science ckosmo@neisd.net Web Page
Kosmo Carrie Special Ed Assistant ckosmo1@neisd.net Web Page
Ku James Teacher Chinese jku@neisd.net Web Page
Leal Diana Teacher Spanish dleal13@neisd.net Web Page
Leal Lindsay Teacher English lleal@neisd.net Web Page
Lee-Hernandez Lacee Teacher English lleehe@neisd.net Web Page
Lee-Kovats Melissa Teacher SPED Local Cred mleeko@neisd.net Web Page
LeSieur Arthur Teacher Speech alesie@neisd.net Web Page
Lewis Jason Teacher Athletics jlewis@neisd.net Web Page
Lowes Traci Instructional Dean tlowes@neisd.net Web Page
Luna Gabriela Teacher English ESL gluna@neisd.net Web Page
Mabry Dena Teacher/Coordinator NESA (Dance) dmabry@neisd.net Web Page
Marks Jared Teacher Health jmarks@neisd.net Web Page
Marrero Laurie Teacher SPED Co-Teacher lmarre@neisd.net Web Page
Martin Carolyn Teacher Athletics cmarti14@neisd.net Web Page
Martinez Jennifer Counselor's Clerk jmarti9@neisd.net Web Page
Martinez Dalia Bookkeeper dmarti89@neisd.net Web Page
Martinez Jenna Teacher SPED Co-Teacher jmarti27@neisd.net Web Page
Maxey Vivian Teacher Career & Tech vmaxey@neisd.net Web Page
McCampbell Christine Admin Asst I to Asst Principal - HS cmccam1@neisd.net Web Page
McCarthy Anne Teacher - Math amccar@neisd.net Web Page
McCusker John Teacher Economics jmccus@neisd.net Web Page
Medellin Pedro Teacher Career & Tech pmedel1@neisd.net Web Page
Medrano Cynthia Assistant Principal's Secretary cmedra1@neisd.net Web Page
Mejia Naomi Spanish Teacher n-meija@neisd.net Web Page
Millender Konise Film and Animation Director for NESA kmille2@neisd.net Web Page
Miller Martha Teacher Science mmille1@neisd.net Web Page
Minor Rebecca Teacher French rminor@neisd.net Web Page
Mireles Lucrisa Counselor lmirel@neisd.net Web Page
Mitchel Randall Teacher Athletics rmitch1@neisd.net Web Page
Mitchell Barbara Teacher SPED Co-Teacher bmitch1@neisd.net Web Page
Moerbe Matthew Teacher Athletics mmoerb@neisd.net Web Page
Morales Saundra Teacher Social Studies smoral1@neisd.net Web Page
Morales Christine Teacher SPED Co-Teacher cmoral1@neisd.net Web Page
Morales Raquel Teacher Spanish rmoral@neisd.net Web Page
Morales Ilysa Teacher English imoral3@neisd.net Web Page
Morales Gabriel Teacher English gmoral4@neisd.net Web Page
Morrison Donna Teacher Social Studies dmorri1@neisd.net Web Page
Muire Elizabeth Teacher English emuire@neisd.net Web Page
Mulroy Gary Teacher SPED Local Cred gmulro@neisd.net Web Page
Nabers Lara Teacher SPED Local Cred lnaber@neisd.net Web Page
Nabers Matthew Teacher Social Studies mnaber1@neisd.net Web Page
Nerio Mark Teacher Athletics mnerio@neisd.net Web Page
Newberger Ryan Teacher Social Studies rnewbe@neisd.net Web Page
Newsome Kay Teacher Science knewso2@neisd.net Web Page
Nichols Kerry Instructional Dean knicho7@neisd.net Web Page
O'brien Thomas Teacher Athletics tobrie@neisd.net Web Page
Olivares Zulema Teacher SPED Local Cred zoliva@neisd.net Web Page
Ortiz Jo Ann Bilingual/ESL Assistant jortiz@neisd.net Web Page
Oyervides Bonnie Special Ed Assistant boyerv@neisd.net Web Page
Palmer Claire Math Teacher cpalme1@neisd.net Web Page
Paniagua Sabrina Teacher spania@neisd.net Web Page
Parker Judith Teacher Dance jparke3@neisd.net Web Page
Passant Carol Teacher Spanish cpassa@neisd.net Web Page
Perez Carmen Teacher English ESL cperez1@neisd.net Web Page
Phillips Ryan Teacher Tech Apps rphill5@neisd.net Web Page
Pollard Allyson Teacher SPED ALE apolla1@neisd.net Web Page
Poole Donald Assistant Principal - HS dpoole@neisd.net Web Page
Prado Mario Teacher Music - HS mprado3@neisd.net Web Page
Pundt Ronnie Teacher Career & Tech rpundt@neisd.net Web Page
Quirk Colleen Teacher English cquirk@neisd.net Web Page
Ramirez Ernest Assistant Principal eramir28@neisd.net Web Page
Ramirez Troy Army Instructor tramir@neisd.net Web Page
Ramos Erica Counselor's Clerk eramos@neisd.net Web Page
Reyes Hector Army Instructor hreyes3@neisd.net Web Page
Rice Jason Teacher Athletics jrice2@neisd.net Web Page
Rios Yvonne Teacher Science yrios2@neisd.net Web Page
Rivera Jaclyn Music - HS jriver4@neisd.net Web Page
Rodriguez Ariana Teacher English arodri8@neisd.net Web Page
Rogers David Teacher Athletics droger@neisd.net Web Page
Rohan Debora Teacher Career & Tech drohan@neisd.net Web Page
Rosales Sandra Special Ed Assistant srosal1@neisd.net Web Page
Rosellini Stefano Teacher Math & Career and Technology srosel@neisd.net Web Page
Rossi Zeena Assistant Principal - HS zrossi@neisd.net Web Page
Rubalcaba David Teacher Career & Tech drubal1@neisd.net Web Page
Salazar Theresa SPED assistant tsalaz@neisd.net Web Page
Saldana Deborah Counselor dsalda@neisd.net Web Page
Salinas Mandie Special Ed Assistant msalin10@neisd.net Web Page
Samandi Amir Teacher Social Studies asaman@neisd.net Web Page
Sanders Rose Ann Teacher Reading rsande@neisd.net Web Page
Savadin Nicole Teacher nsavad@neisd.net Web Page
Schlichting Laurie Teacher - Math aschli1@neisd.net Web Page
Schramm Carin Teacher English cschra@neisd.net Web Page
Sharp Timothy Teacher tsharp@neisd.net Web Page
Shaw Julianne Admin Asst II to Dir - STEM jshaw1@neisd.net Web Page
Shimizu David Teacher Japanese dshimi@neisd.net Web Page
Silva Michael Teacher English msilva3@neisd.net Web Page
Slatton Brenda Teacher Journalism bslatt@neisd.net Web Page
Smiley Lane Teacher Career & Tech lsmile1@neisd.net Web Page
Smith Rosalynn Teacher Art rsmith1@neisd.net Web Page
Smith Elizabeth Teacher French esmith28@neisd.net Web Page
Solis Sinthia Teacher English ssolis6@neisd.net Web Page
Speir Mieka Teacher SPED ALE mspeir@neisd.net Web Page
Spriggs Barbara Teacher Science bsprig@neisd.net Web Page
Stalsworth Wayne Teacher Science wstals@neisd.net Web Page
Stengel Amy Teacher English (NESA) asteng@neisd.net Web Page
Stroud Denise Teacher Career & Tech dstrou@neisd.net Web Page
Stuart John Teacher Govt jstuar@neisd.net Web Page
Suplee Christopher Teacher English csuple@neisd.net Web Page
Swarner Sharon Librarian sswarn@neisd.net Web Page
Talamantez Lilly Head Custodian - HS ltalam1@neisd.net Web Page
Taplin Ryan MSL9 rtapli@neisd.net Web Page
Teter Matthew Teacher Art mteter@neisd.net Web Page
Theilengerdes Jared Teacher Athletics jtheil@neisd.net Web Page
Thomas Quinn Athletic Trainer qthoma@neisd.net Web Page
Thompson Roy Teacher Math rthomp@neisd.net Web Page
Tillmon Gregory Teacher SPED Math gtillm@neisd.net Web Page
Tomaszewski Dru Teacher Athletics dtomas2@neisd.net Web Page
Torres Valerie Teacher English vtorre1@neisd.net Web Page
Tounget Russell Latin Teacher rtoung@neisd.net Web Page
Trevino Jason Teacher Science jtrevi40@neisd.net Web Page
Tschirhart Mary Teacher Career & Tech mtschi1@neisd.net Web Page
Twehues Mark Teacher Music - HS (NESA) mtwehu@neisd.net Web Page
Tyler Deborah Attendance Clerk dtyler1@neisd.net Web Page
Valdez Daria Teacher Spanish dvalde5@neisd.net Web Page
Valles Sandra Special Education Coordinator svalle@neisd.net Web Page
Van Pelt Maxine Registrar - HS mvanpe@neisd.net Web Page
Villanueva Marissa Teacher Science mvilla1@neisd.net Web Page
Villanueva Justin Teacher Athletics jvilla6@neisd.net Web Page
Villarreal Iris Special Education Teacher ivilla1@neisd.net Web Page
Vollmer Douglas Teacher Social Studies dvollm@neisd.net Web Page
Walker Alicia Family Specialist/Parent Involvement Liaison awalke9@neisd.net Web Page
Wash Ava Teacher Math awash@neisd.net Web Page
Weber Claire Special Ed Assistant cweber1@neisd.net Web Page
Welch Fabian Teacher Athletics fwelch@neisd.net Web Page
Wells Caprica Assistant Principal - HS cwells@neisd.net Web Page
Wickes Gretchen Teacher History gwicke@neisd.net Web Page
Wilcox Valerie Teacher Math vwilco@neisd.net Web Page
Wolfe Julie Teacher jwolfe@neisd.net Web Page
Wood Dorothy Library Assistant II dwood2@neisd.net Web Page
Ybarra Nancy Admin Asst I to Asst Principal - HS nybarr@neisd.net Web Page
Young Kelley Instructional Dean kyoung@neisd.net Web Page