science department

from the NEISD website)

Core Purpose:The purpose of teaching science in NEISD is to provide all students a foundation for meeting the challenges of an evolving global community. 

"The important thing is to not stop questioning."

Albert Einstein

In the learning process, students will be given extensive opportunity to:

  • Apply safety practices

  • Employ curiosity inquiry, critical thinking, and problem solving

  • Connect to prior knowledge

  • Collaborate with other students and display respect for diversity

  • Demonstrate the processes of research and design

  • Experience a wide range of "hands-on" activities using state of the art 

  • technology

  • Be accountable and accept responsibility for their learning

Core Values

  • Safety

  • Relevancy

  • Investigative Process

  • Technology

  • Accountability and Responsibility

  • Expanding Vision

Lee  science teachers will:

  • Provide a safe environment for students

  • Align content with North East Standards/TEKS

  • Plan and implement a developmentally appropriate, challenging variety of activities with a commitment to high achievement for all students

  • Utilize a variety of teaching strategies to correct misconceptions and connect prior knowledge to establish relevancy

  • Recognize that discourse among students about scientific ideas and science related social issues is an important part of critical thinking and problem solving

  • Use technology as an enabler of inquiry in authentic settings

  • Integrate and connect science with all disciplines

  • Nurture collaboration among students

  • Encourage a high level of curiosity that leads to independent research and design

  • Refine planning and monitor the results

  • Engage in professional development

  • Promote collegiality among K-12 teachers to strengthen curriculum articulation

  • Identify and utilize community resources

  • Assess student's understanding and abilities using multiple methods including performance-based evaluations

The Science Department reaches students through hands on research, observation of data, and exploration of the unknown. Students are engaged in science course material and interactive labs. Technology is used to explore the subject matter and students engage in multimedia presentations to present their results.

Science Resources: