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Kelley Young

Math Instructional Dean

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North East ISD Mathematics Philosophy

(from the NEISD website)

"Knowing mathematics means being able to use it in purposeful ways. Mathematical ability comes from being taught math so that understanding is emphasized, ideas are explored, alternate methods are encouraged and the purpose for what is being done is always evident."

                                                                                                                          ( M. Burns)
Core Values:

  • Depth of Understanding
  • Reasoning
  • Purpose
  • Communication

Core Purpose:

Mathematics is something to be deeply understood so that it can be used effectively.Deep understanding of mathematics content includes:

  • a knowledge of relative size of numbers and how numbers are put together;
  • a proficiency with basic skills;
  • the ability to use patterns, relationships, and algebraic thinking to analyze situations;
  • the use of visual and spatial skills developed through the study of geometry;
  • a competence with a variety of techniques, tools and formulas for determining measurement; and the ability to make sense out of data.

Effective use of mathematics includes the ability to:

  • solve problems arising from real-life and mathematical situations;
  • use computers, especially for application of tools like spreadsheets and databases, to solve time-consuming problems;
  • use models, known facts, properties, and relationships to explain thinking and justify answers and solution strategies; and use patterns and relationships to analyze mathematical situations.

    "Each NEISD teacher of mathematics will create a classroom environment in which students will make sense of mathematics and acquire confidence in using it. Through the NEISD Mathematics Program, students will know mathematics and be able to use it in purposeful ways."

                                                                                                    (Dr. Richard A. Middleton)

Mathematics Curriculum -- The curriculum must be coherently structured so that all students have the opportunity to build knowledge, skills and confidence with significant mathematical ideas in the strands of number, geometry, measurement, probability, statistics, and algebraic thinking.

Teaching for Understanding -- Students develop understanding as they engage in experiences which allow them to draw on prior knowledge to construct new and deeper meaning of the mathematical relationships that exist. The ability to reason clearly, communicate mathematical ideas effectively, draw connections within mathematics and between mathematics and other fields, and solve real problems contribute to understanding and provide evidence of understanding.

Learning Environment -- To channel and focus student achievement, a stable and supportive learning environment must be provided. Teachers must vary the setting for learning to include a mix of whole class, small group and individual work. Learning environments must feel emotionally safe for learning to take place.

The following courses are offered at Lee High School: Algebra 1, Geometry, Algebra II, Precalculus, 
Mathematical Models, AP Calculus A/B, AP Calculus B/C. The Mathematics Department offers students' a wide range of courses. Selections are determined by course sequences and recommended pre-requisites. Students should check with their counselors regarding math course selections. Course offerings are described in the course catalog located on this website.

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