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Technology Applications Technology Applications offers a wide variety of courses. Courses offered include : Computer Science I, Computer Science II, Webmastering, Desktop- Publishing, and Video-technology and Independent Study in Technology Applications. Students use state of the art equipment and programs to explore technology.

Computer Science involves the understanding of programming language concepts and how these are applied to problem solving.  

  • Computer Science I is a course covering problem solving, computer architecture, and programming concepts. This knowledge helps students understand how software is written which increases the student's ability to learn application software through understanding of the basic concepts. Students can study Computer Science to comprehend the social, economic and cultural environment of the information age.

    The study of Computer Science requires that the students have the ability to work with abstract concepts such as variable representation of data and problem solving. Algebra I is recommended as a concurrent course or prerequisite for the Computer Science I course.  Computer Science I is a prerequisite for Computer Science II.

  • Computer Science II reinforces and increases the depth of understanding of the basic concepts and covers advanced programming concepts which are useful in preparation for the Computer Science Advanced Placement tests. 

  • Desktop Publishing

    Desktop Publishing combines the skills of electronic design, editing, and production of a product using a variety of hardware and software tools. This project-based course focuses on real-world audiences as customers. Students will learn to use a collection of software tools and design techniques to create a variety of formatted products. Students enrolled in this course will be computer literate and have experience with the basic electronic production tools. 

  • Video Technology

    Video production  is a  process of editing that creates a special mood, tempo, and pace to enhance the subject matter. Video production is not only instructional and deals with problem-solving situations, but also artistic. Students will learn video basics as well as participate in pre-production, production, and post production stages of video creation, distribution, and evaluation of the product. Students enrolled in this course will be computer literate and have experience with the basic electronic production tools. 

  • Web Mastering

    The World Wide Web (WWW) is the fastest growing part of the Internet.  This course focuses on publishing skills, scripting, developing searching strategies, and serving information on a web server. Ultimately, students, within an ethical framework, will be the webmasters for the class participating in a real global community of learners and collaborators. Students enrolled in this course will be computer literate and will deal with basic electronic production tools. 

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