business education program

The Business Department offers graduation requirement computer literacy courses as well as job skill training classes. It is the philosophy of the department to recommend to students who are college-bound the need to study such disciplines as computer literacy or computer applications, accounting, and career development to succeed in their college classes. Students who are entering the job market directly following high school graduation will benefit from classes in computer literacy or computer applications.


Opportunities for Students at Robert E. Lee High School:

  • Keyboarding - Increase typing accuracy and keyboarding speed.

  • Record Keeping

  • Lab Management

  • Business Computer Information Systems I

  • Business Computer Information Systems II

  • Accounting 1 & 2

  • Administrative Procedures/Office Assistant

  • Business Support Systems 1 & 2

  • Business Computer Programing

  • Administrative Procedures I, II (COOP)

  • Business Management

  • Marketing

Business Resources: NEISD Career and Technology Homepage