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Student Teacher Assistance Network

What is STAN?
STAN, an acronym for Student Teacher Assistance Network, is a school-based program of identification, referral, and support for students who may be exhibiting problems that interfere with success in school. The goal of STAN is to provide a professional, confidential, and helping response to students and their families.

Program Overview

STAN is designed to help students develop life skills to meet the complex challenges that may arise at school, at home or in the community. STAN deals with general wellness and prevention of or intervention in the concerns of today's teens.

These issues may include:

  • healthy choices

  • communication skills

  • stress/anxiety

  • relationships

  • conflict resolution/mediation

  • loss and grief

  • prejudice reduction/bias awareness

  • eating disorders

  • anger management

  • abuse

  • pregnancy

  • violence

  • delinquent behavior

  • alcohol, tobacco, or other drug use

  • suicide

Each year, STAN counselors help students deal with a variety of issues. Teh most prevalent problems reported are defined as Personal, Mental Health, Conflict,and Loss/Grief. Students may request STAN services for themselves or may be referred by a parent, teacher, coach, counselor, school nurse, administrator, fellow student, or anyone else concerned with the well-being of the student.

The STAN Counselor is a Master level professional who follows accepted counseling practices.  Confidentiality is essential in providing the individual with an environment in which it is safe to explore feelings and make decisions.  Legal and ethical standards of confidentiality require the STAN counselor to report appropriately or refer cases of abuse, infractions of the Code of Conduct, criminal activity, students who are a danger to self or others.

Resources: Child Protective Services
How can STAN help?
  • Responsive Counseling
    If you have a problem, the STAN counselor can listen, give support, and assist in finding a solution. If a friend has a problem, refer them to STAN for counseling.  All STAN matters are handled confidentially.
  • Support Groups
    You can discover new ways to handle issues by participating in a group that will provide support and friendship in a trusting atmosphere.
  • Peer Mediation
    If you experience a conflict with another student, request peer remediation. this is a process in which two trained student mediators guide you and the other person involved in the conflict to a peaceful solution. Mediation is also confidential.
  • Classroom Presentations
    The STAN counselor may come to one of your classes to talk about alcohol, tobacco, drug prevention or intervention, eating disorders, victimization prevention, or other topics.
  • Resource Information
    If you would like the information on depression or drug dependency, or ANY other matter of concern, STAN can provide informative brochures and counseling assistance.  If the problem is beyond the scope of the STAN program, the STAN counselor can provide community resource lists for services such as drug rehabilitation, counseling, and prenatal care.
Benefits of the Stan Program

The STAN Advisory Council

The campus advisory council for STAN program includes dedicated and caring campus staff, parents, and community representatives. This advisory group acts as an additional support network for students and contributes to the overall Safe and Drug-Free Schools program.

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