Class RAnk

June 3, 2013

North East Independent School District
Office of Guidance Services
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1. Why are we now releasing two official sixth semester ranks?

Answer: (a) Parents have requested this; (b) opens on August 1;
(c) Competitive majors at some universities close their enrollment early; (d) For on-campus housing, some universities require a completed application, while others require students to be admitted in order to receive a housing contract; (e) Some scholarships have early deadlines; (f) Other districts across Texas are offering earlier official sixth semester ranks. Therefore, their students’ applications are completed sooner; thus seats for certain majors/colleges of study become closed earlier.

2. When will the first official sixth semester rank be released (called the “Preliminary Official Sixth Semester Rank”)?

Answer: July 1, 2013

3. For what window of time will the Preliminary Official Sixth Semester Rank be available?

Answer: The Preliminary Official Sixth Semester Rank will be available from July 1, 2013, through September 16, 2013.

4. When will the second official sixth semester rank be released (called the “Final Official Sixth Semester Rank”)?

Answer: The Final Official Sixth Semester Rank will be released on September 20, 2013, and will be printed on the first three-week progress report in the fall.

5. Will a student’s two ranks be identical?

Answer: No. Here are reasons why the two ranks will not be identical: (a) Courses completed in summer 2013 (summer school and correspondence courses) will be included in the September rank but not in the July rank; (b) Student mobility results in a change in class size; this changes the denominator when reporting “Number ___ out of ___students”; (c) Some students do not return to their NEISD school in August and are not included in the September rank, but were included in the July rank; (d) New students enroll in August/September and are included in the September rank but were not included in the July rank.

6. Will a student be able to “pick and choose” which of the two sixth semester ranks he/she wants?

Answer: No. After the release of the September rank, the July rank will no longer be available and will be replaced by the September rank.

7. May a student send both of the sixth semester ranks to a college/university?

Answer: Yes. The most recent rank sent will override a previous rank sent. Thus, students whose rank improves after sending their July rank would benefit by sending their September rank.

8. Must a student who has sent the July rank also send in the September rank if it is lower than the July rank?

Answer: No

9. Which students should send the July rank?

Answer: This is a personal decision the student/parent/guardian should make. Here is information to help make a decision: (a) Students who are in the top ten percent (10%) of their class will be automatically admitted into all public colleges and universities in Texas except for the University of Texas; (b) Students who are in the top seven percent (7%) of their class and are 2014 graduates will be automatically admitted into the University of Texas; (c) There is no guarantee that a student’s rank will improve from July to September.

10. How will this information be given to students and parents/guardians?

Answer: (a) A letter will be mailed home with the June 2013 Report Card for all juniors; (b) an email will be sent in early June to the parents of all juniors who have an email registered with the district; (c) Counselors will conduct senior conferences in the first part of September 2013 and will explain the two ranks; (d) FAQ document will be posted on the NEISD web site; (e) FAQ document will be posted on the campus web site.

11. May current 9th or 10th graders receive their two-semester or four-semester rank on July 1 as well?

Answer: No

12. What is the procedure for sending a transcript with official sixth semester rank on it?


(a) Contact the counseling office/registrar at the campus or contact Guidance Services; see phone numbers listed below;

(b) Complete the Transcript Release Form which can be obtained from the counseling office or at this site: ;

(c) Pay $5 for each request after the first free transcript;

(d) Provide a photo ID (required);

(e) Allow five (5) business days to process a transcript request.

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