Textbooks - use them wisely

Student Conduct
and Textbooks

For questions regarding textbooks
please contact
your child's assistant principal.

Student Responsibilities

1. Keeps all textbooks covered at all times (TEC12.65(b))
2. Returns textbooks at the conclusion of the school year, at the end of
the course or at the time the student withdraws. (TEC12.65(b) (CMD Legal)
3. Reimburses the school for any lost, destroyed, or damaged textbooks
issued to the student.(CMD Legal)(TEC 31.104(b))
4. Enters student name inside the front cover of the textbook

Fine Schedule

For books priced $35.00 of less
1. No bookcover------------------------       $.25--.50 each incident
2. Marking in book----------------------       $.30-1.50 per page
3. Marking on edge of book-------------       $.50-1.50 per edge
4. Torn (but repairable)------------------       $.50-1.50 per page
5. Evidence of no book cover (soiled back)-- $1.00
6. Loose spine and can be repaired-----------$2.00-3.00
7. Broken or bent cover (if repairable)--------$2.00-4.00
8. Excessive markings (inappropriate)---------   full price of book
9. Page torn out-------------------------------  full price of book
10. Water damage----------------------------   full price of book
11. Damaged that prevents reissue of book---   full price of book
12. Broken or bent cover (if not repairable)--    full price of book

Textbooks are the property of the State of Texas. State Law requires that
textbooks be covered at all times. State law also requires that lost, or
textbooks mutilated beyond use, be paid for by the student.

NEISD uses bars codes to track textbooks. If the bar code is damaged,
removed or altered in any manner the textbook will be credited to the
student and the cost of the textbook is charged to the student.