student parking

Student Parking Conduct

For questions regarding parking 

Please contact  Main Office

Mrs. Salaiz

Who Can Apply for Parking Permits at Lee

Student parking is located in the East side of campus. Students are eligible to park anywhere in the East Campus parking lot. Please note that the area closest to Jackson-Keller is used by the band for marching practice after school. All cars need to be cleared from that lot by 4:30. 

Teacher and visitor are located in the front parking lot closest to the school. Students are not allowed to park in the front parking lot or the Main Building side parking lot.

How to Apply for Parking Permits

Applications are available in the main office. The cost of a parking permit is $30.00. Follow the directions on the application, it is self-explanatory. You will also need to provide a Driver's License and proof of insurance.


Consequences are fines, and eventually lost of privileges for the year.

Locker Procedures:

The Main Office is in charge of assigning lockers. Students will be assigned lockers based on availability. Lost locker combinations are available for $.50.

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