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North East Independent School District's School Health Mission Statement: Working together for children's health, our mission is to provide an environment that promotes optimal wellness for the students in the North East Independent School District. In a way that provides individualized quality health care, encourages parent/child communication and involvement, emphasizes health education, utilizes available resources so that all students will be able to achieve their maximum learning potential.

What is a School Nurse:

  • serves as the child's advocate. 
  • conducts health screenings 
  • provides specialized health care and services. 
  • assesses and evaluates individual growth and development. 
  • monitors student's immunizations. 
  • acts as a resource for faculty, parents and students. 
  • provides individual health counseling to service emotional and physical health needs. 
  • identifies and refers possible pediatric and adolescent health problems for early diagnosis and treatment. 
  • evaluates and monitors communicable diseases and
  • implements strategies to prevent the spread of disease in the
  • conducts health related classroom instruction such as the maturation program, AIDS and sex education, and child abuse prevention. 
  • acts as special education team member for children with special needs. 
  • serves as a liaison with parents, physicians, community agencies and support groups to provide medical care and
    assistance to families and students in need. 
  • provides educational and promotional activities for the future healthy lifestyles of our students.

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Health Needs
If a child has a special health need, such as asthma, allergies, or diabetes, the physician is required to complete the Special Health Problem Form annually. This form is available in the clinic and will state the required medications, P.E. limitations, and/or emergency care and actions necessary at school. The school nurse will contact the physician for any information regarding any special health need, requiring meds, procedures, or care at school. Special health needs and information will then be shared with the appropriate school personnel to care for your child.

Medical Referral for Special Needs - Should there be a problem or questions, the school nurse will contact the parents, send a referral letter requesting that the parent check with the physician, or will contact the child's physician.

Emergency Card Emergency cards are required for each student . The cards are essential in providing care to your child while at school. An emergency card must be completed and returned to the school nurse. Current work and home telephone numbers for parents and other adults who are authorized to pick up your child must be listed. Changes in work or home telephone numbers are to be sent to the clinic. Cell phones and pagers should be listed. Students will not be released to anyone not listed on the emergency card.

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Emergency Care - If a student is injured or becomes seriously ill at school and the parent cannot be reached or does not respond, the child will be transported by EMS. North East Independent School District does not assume any financial responsibility but will provide or arrange emergency care.

All medication intended for students shall be kept in the school clinic. Short-term prescription medication will be administered only in accordance with the instructions on the RX container and must be accompanied by a written request from the parent. Long-term medications to be given all year or for emergency situations must have written authorization from both the
physician and the parent. Homeopathic products/vitamins will not be given. The administration of nonprescription medication is permitted only on a very limited temporary basis and with written parent permission only. The nurse will contact the
physician should a question arise regarding any medication.

Safety Factors Regarding Medication
We want children to learn that taking medication is a serious responsibility and should only be consumed when truly necessary and under the care of a physician. A STRONG MEDICATION POLICY IS A STRONG DRUG POLICY. Medication may not be kept in the classroom or administered by the teacher. Medication sent in plastic wrap, foil, jars, paper towels, or envelopes cannot be given; it must be in the original prescription container. Children may not carry medication on the bus, in their lunch boxes, or on their person. Medication can not be sent back and forth on the bus, nor is a child allowed to
carry medicine to and from school. Parents are to bring medication(s) to the school nurse in the school clinic. Parents must provide all needed prescription medication; the school does not provide any medications, i.e., Tylenol.

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Immunization Requirements:

State Law and North East Policy requires that all students entering school be fully immunized and provide proof of immunization at the time of registration. 

Eighth Grade - Ninth Grade (bold new for ninth grade)

    3 Doses                DTP, DTaP, DT, Td, TDaP (tetanus, diphtheria, acellular pertussis)
    1 dose must be on or after the 4th birthday

    1 Dose                 TDaP/Td booster
    (Required if it has been 10 years or more since last tetanus-containing vaccine)

    4 Doses                IPV (Polio) 4th dose on or after 4th birthday OR 3 doses with 3rd dose on or after 4th birthday Not required for students 18 years and older

    2 Doses                Measles (1st dose on or after 1st birthday)

    1 Dose                 Mumps on or after 1st birthday

    1 Dose                 Rubella on or after 1st birthday

    3 Doses                Hepatitis B

    2 Doses                Varicella (chickenpox). First dose must have been given on or after 1st birthday OR statement/date of chickenpox illness.

    1 Dose                 Meningococcal

Tenth Grade – Twelfth Grade

    3 Doses                DTP, DTaP, DT, Td, TDaP
                                1 dose must be on or after the 4th birthday

    1 Dose                 TDaP/Td booster (Required if it has been 10 years or more since last tetanus-containing vaccine)

    4 Doses                IPV (Polio) 4th dose on or after 4th birthday OR 3 doses with 3rd dose on or after 4th birthday Not required for students 18 years and older 2 Doses Measles (1st dose on or after 1st birthday)

    1 Dose                 Mumps on or after 1st birthday

    1 Dose                 Rubella on or after 1st birthday 3 Doses Hepatitis B

    1 Dose                 Varicella (chickenpox) on or after 1st birthday OR statement/date of chickenpox illness

Medical and Religious exemptions will be granted as specified in State Law. For more information contact your
child´s physician, school nurse or North East Independent School District, Health Services Office, 8961 Tesoro
Drive, San Antonio, TX 78217 (210)804-7147 (Voice); (210)804-7171 (Fax) 

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Immunization Clinics
Free or Reduced Cost Immunizations are provided by the San Antonio Metropolitan Health District the following
Clinics are listed for your convenience. Please call for clinic hours and bring immunization records.

SA Metro Health District
345 W Commerce
SA Metro Health District
302 Dora
SA Metro Health District
3600 Fredricksburg*
WIC Clinic
4342 Thousand Oaks*
WIC Clinic
1013 Rittiman Road

* Some evening hours available call for information.

School Screenings: Screening programs are conducted in accordance with State Law and the Texas Education Agency recommendations.  Parents are contacted and a referral is sent by the school nurse, should a problem be noted. The child´s physician/dentist should return a report to the school nurse within 30 days.

eyesight testing       Vision:  Students in grades 9 are screened.

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Insurance Program: Children's Health Insurance Program (CHIP)
This insurance program is designed for families who earn too much money to qualify for Medicaid health care, yet cannot afford to buy private insurance. The parents in some of these families have jobs that do not offer health insurance for children. Other parents’ jobs offer health insurance, but the insurance is so expensive that families cannot afford it. CHIP covers services such as hospital care, surgery, x-rays, therapies, prescription drugs, mental health and substance abuse treatment, emergency services, eye tests and glasses, dental care, and regular health check-ups and vaccinations. 

Children who enroll in CHIP receive 12 months of continuous coverage. Families must re-enroll their children once a year. 
TEXCARE Partnership Page : Qualifications and Services

Online Applications Page

Other Insurances: Medicaid, Skip, Texas Healthy Kids

North East ISD Health Services Website:

Main North East ISD Office  Phone Number: 210-804-7147