Administration- Alma Mater and Fight Song


Go Big Red!


Lee High School Alma Mater

We all hail to thee and thy name forever,
Robert E. Lee High;
Your Red and Gray will always wave
As will your banner fly;
Our hearts and loyalty remain forever
In your hallowed halls;
Your majesty will show the way.
There are no other peers
Your fame and glory will not die.
Robert E. Lee throughout the years!

Fight Song "Rebel Rouser"

Let's go, you Volunteers
As you fight, you'll hear our cheers.
Fight on, make history
So Volunteers, victory!

We know you're bound to win
'Cause your spirit is never dim.
Fight on, defend your name.
So, Volunteers go! Win this game!

 Midi Sequence of Dixie created by Eric Rodis on a school's synthesizer.....