Interns &  Mentors

  • Teaching observations and feedback - observe and debrief lessons taught  by the intern or co-taught by the intern-mentor pair; engage in shared observation with interns and mentors

  • Mentor training, development and support

  • Curriculum development – intern lessons, mentor lessons, intern-mentor co-develop lessons

  • Coach interns in teaching and teacher development

  • Coach mentors in mentor development – including mentor orientation, mentor meetings, and individual mentor coaching and collaboration

  • Provide support, resources, and space for curriculum planning and development (including Trinity library and other curricular resources)

  • Meet with/counsel interns and mentors regarding program, teaching, or school issues

  • Provide induction support for interns after graduation via not only Trinity faculty but also mentors

Student Support (high school students)

  • TEACHING AND TUTORING SUPPORT: Student support in the form of having two teachers in the classroom – in intern/mentor classrooms (lower teacher-student ratio, extra support);  Interns serve as tutors and mentors in student support initiatives – including 9th grade Saturday sessions; participate in Homework Helpers (non-profit brought to Lee campus by former intern/now teacher)

  • FUNDING:  funding for various ISA and Lee student initiatives and projects, including student travel (for example, ISA grade level travel and Lee Science/Math AP Retreat at Texas Tech Science Center in Junction, TX)

  • FIELD TRIP AND TRAVEL SUPPORT: Chaperone field trips for Lee and ISA; serve as chaperones/group leaders for ISA grade-level travel experiences (4) – includes interns and Trinity faculty ; act as (additional) administrator on travel experiences (Ileana)

  • STUDENT EXPERIENCES AT TRINITY: Provide facilities for ISA performances, exhibitions, and experiences [9th: Make a Difference presentations;  10th  – MUN research in Trinity library with librarian support, travel experience presentations;  11th  – Civil Rights documentary presentations, PSAT prep days ; Rite of Passage ceremony;  12th – D.C. global issues presentations, senior awards, graduation, internship mentor reception, senior field day; all grades – summer P.E.]; college tours for Lee and ISA students; NEISD PSAT student prep sessions (Princeton Review) for Lee and ISA students hosted at Trinity

  • TAKS SUPPORT:  Interns participate in departmental TAKS tutoring (Lee and ISA); TAKS tutoring for senior re-take students in the spring semester in math, science, English language arts with students paired with Trinity undergraduates (co-facilitated by Lee teachers and Trinity faculty); TAKS student support sessions (full day session at Trinity) for Lee senior re-takers in the fall led by Lee deans and teachers with additional assistance provided by Trinity faculty and Trinity undergraduate students; participate in TAKS testing as monitor and small-room testing administrator (Ileana) and hall/bathroom monitors, lunch delivery (interns)

  • Teach  ELA mini-courses and other sessions for students at ISA

  • Serve as assessors for student learning exhibitions/performances – interns and faculty - ex. senior portfolios, MUNSA simulation, Global Environmental Problems presentations

  • Lead student advisory at ISA (Ileana) or co-lead advisory (interns)

  • Sponsor (faculty) or co-sponsor student organizations at Lee and ISA – interns and faculty

  • Serve as mentors for ISA seniors during their internship (faculty)



  • Co-creation of curriculum - contributions to teacher, grade, school curriculum – faculty, interns

  • Creation of multidisciplinary units for use by teams and teachers (UbD, PBL, and others) -  interns with faculty support

  • Tuning and examination of teacher and student work

  • Find/provide materials from Trinity and/or purchased by Trinity (books, videos, etc.)

  • Financial, planning and logistics support for curriculum development

Teacher Professional Development

  • Coordinate Critical Friends Group Initiative:

  • Facilitate National Board initiative – joint Lee/ISA/NEISD initiative

  • Help plan professional development with teams, departments, levels, programs (e.g., geometry level, science dept., STEM)

  • Facilitate meetings and faculty conversations

  • Assist with special projects and initiatives (ex. Fulbright)

  • Provide funding for teacher professional development (release time, travel, conferences)



  • Partnership informs Trinity curriculum and practices as well as departmental initiatives

  • NEISD faculty teach undergraduate field seminar and practicum class on site at the high school and co-teach graduate courses/supervise internship (as well as other undergraduate and graduate courses beyond high school MAT courses)

  • NEISD administrators and faculty regular part of courses, initiatives, programs

  • Representation on Teacher Education  Advisory  Committee Laboratory for Trinity students to learn by observe and engage in dialogue with  Lee/ISA teachers and students

  • Placements with master teachers/mentors for MAT students during their MAT internships

School Development & Other

  • Participate as member of CIC

  • Participate in presentations for and conversations with ISA’s partners such as Asia Society’s ISSN and CES, attend national meetings and conferences

  • Co-author grants and write letters of support for grants

  • Fund school initiatives and provide other in-kind support

  • PDS schools have opportunity to hire interns – know interns from their 8 month internship on campus and interns know campus mission, procedures, initiatives, faculty


Contact Information:  

Ileana Liberatore                               Angela Breidenstein
                                                        Phone:  999-7587 (office)