Kindergarten Round-up

kinder roundup

Las Lomas Celebrates Fiesta!

On April 17th, we will continue our Las Lomas tradition of participating in San Antonio’s largest celebration, FIESTA!!!

Shoebox Float Parade – All students, Kindergarten through 5th grade, are invited to bring a shoebox size Fiesta Float and participate in our parade at 1:15. We will parade through the school and outside across the front of school. Parents wanting to see the parade may line up outside. Since you will be outside, there will be no need to come inside and get a raptor badge. Image title
Classroom Fiesta Parties (1:30) - These are student classroom parties and not a family event. We ask that only parents who are volunteering to help and who have coordinated with the PTA room parent attend the parties. Please make arrangements, in advance, with the PTA room parent so we can pre-print your volunteer badge. This will save a lot of time when checking-in to volunteer. Since classroom space is limited, you are asked to not bring additional people with you. NEISD policy does not allow school-age siblings, who should be in class on their own campus, to be on our campus during the school day. This includes children who are home schooled. We thank you, in advance, for your support in these matters. Remember, only parents who are cleared as a volunteer may be at the party.

March Wildly Important Goals (WIGS)
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Las Lomas 2014-2015 Student Attendance Goal: 97%
Our weekly attendance rate (March 23-27) was 97.6%.

During the last reporting period, our attendance rate was the second highest rate of any NEISD elementary school. Our overall attendance rate is 97.4%, which is the third highest of any NEISD elementary school.

Thank you for supporting our children and having them in school as much as possible.

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Center for Green SchoolsLEED Green School

Las Lomas is a LEED certified school, one of only 3 in NEISD. Click on the image to learn more about what makes our school green.
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Lighthouse Seal The Leader in Me

Las Lomas is proud to be a Leader in Me Lighthouse School. Click on the image for more information.