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Chandra Eyman

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Nora Williams

Nora Williams
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Reminders and Requests

Our school nurses, Ms. Eyman and Mrs. Williams, would love to have some extra change of clothes on hand for any unexpected situations that may arise during the school day. If you happen to have any unneeded clothing, please consider donating to the school clinic. The clinic also needs new packaged underwear for boys and girls in various sizes. Thank you for your support of our wonderful clinic staff!
If you have any questions, please contact Tamara Gifford (HEALS Chairman)

A reminder, per district policy, students are NOT ALLOWED to carry medications on campus. This includes medicated lip balms, cough drops and throat lozenges. In addition, students are NOT ALLOWED to transport medication to the clinic. Parents need to bring in ALL medications to the clinic.

The School Nurse:

  • serves as the child's advocate
  • conducts health screenings
  • provides specialized health care and services
  • assesses and evaluates individual growth and development
  • monitors student´s immunizations
  • acts as a resource for faculty, parents and students
  • provides individual health counseling to service emotional and physical health needs
  • identifies and refers possible pediatric and adolescent health problems for early diagnosis and treatment
  • evaluates and monitors communicable diseases and implements strategies to prevent the spread of disease in the school
  • conducts health related classroom instruction such as the maturation program
  • acts as special education team member for children with special needs
  • serves as a liaison with parents, physicians, community agencies and support groups to provide medical care and assistance to families and students in need
  • provides educational and promotional activities for the future healthy lifestyles of our students


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