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About our School

Established: 1964

School Mascot: Leopard

School Colors: Red and Black

Campus Rating: Acceptable

Motto: Equity and Excellence Every Child Every

Our school has two school-wide events each school year that celebrate what the students have learned. The Fall Festival is held in November, and Parade of Nations is held in May. Larkspur also offers a rotation in Physical Education and Music. Every student attends each of these classes during the school week. The school has two computer labs equiped with new computers. Our library is open to parents and students on exteded hours on Tuesday until 6:00pm. The school is also equipped with a child-centered science lab. Students also have the opportunity to participate in extracurricular activities such as choir and robotics.

The Kid’s Involvement Network (KIN) is an after-school program that provides enrichment in study skills, arts and crafts, physical education, and other fun activities.

Our curriculum is based upon the Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills (TEKS).

Four Blocks Reading and Writing at Larkspur are broken down into four blocks, hence the title Four-Blocks. These four blocks are Guided Reading, Self-Selected Reading, Writing, and Working with Words.

Guided Reading, Self-Selected Reading, Writing, Working with Words

Math Investigations

Dual Language Program
The Two-Way/Dual Language Program in NEISD is an enriched education program. The purpose of the Dual Language program is to empower and develop bilingual, bi-literate students. The goal is for classes to be comprised of one-half native Spanish speakers and one-half native English speakers. The native language and culture of each student is valued and treated equitably. Participating students develop positive self-esteem. Current participating students perform at or above grade level on standardized assessments. In addition,
they develop high levels of proficiency in both the target and native language.