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  • All classes are having their end of year parties on June 1.
  • Kinder Ender on June 1st from 8:00-9:00.The party will be held afterwards. Parents are invited to attend.
  • 5th Grade Celebration: June 2nd. We will be hosting a farewell ceremony to our 5th grade students as they move on to middle school.
                                                                   School Hours

7:00-7:20am - Breakfast

7:30am - Instruction begins

2:30pm - Dismissal

The safety of Larkspur students is our highest priority. All visitors are required to present a valid state or government issued photo identification card to the school's receptionist. All visitors must wear their visitor badge while on school grounds.

Larkspur Core Beliefs

  • We believe that all children are capable of high levels of academic success.
  • We believe that every attempt should be made to maintain the dignity of both the adult and student.

  • Academic success equitably  includes all student groups.
  • We believe that students should have the opportunity to tell their side of the story when consequences appear to be unfair.

  • Adults in schools are primarily responsible
  • We believe that misbehavior should be viewed as an opportunity for individual problem solving and preparation for the real world as opposed to a personal attack on the school or staff.

  • Traditional school practices result in inequity and must be changed
  • We believe that there should be a logical connection between behavior and resulting consequences.

  • We are responsible for raising student self-esteem.

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Supply List for all grade levels:

KIN Afterschool Program
(Waiting List Registration)

Larkspur Uniforms

Shirts - Red, White, Black or Gray collared shirt or Larkspur school shirt

Bottoms - Jeans, Khaki or Navy Blue pants, long shorts, skirts, capris, or jumpers

Parent Orientation Presentations
Dads on campus make a difference!  
To be part of the Larkspur Watch D.O.G.S. 
(Dads of Great Students) 

Contact Mrs. Pelaez, Family Specialist at (210) 407-4628


2015-2016 Kinder and First Grade Dual Language 

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Istation download instructions: www.istation.com/IstationHome
School/Domain: larkspur.neisd.tx

For student username and password information, please contact your child’s teacher.

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Level A                                                Level D
Username: neisda                             Username: neisdd
Password: library                               Password: library  

Level B                                                Level E
Username: neisdb                             Username:neisde
Password: library                               Password: library

Level C                                                Level F
Username: neisdc                              Username: neisdf
Password: library                               Password: library