Programs we use

This is Blender and we use this program to create things.

We use Blender along with a lot of other diffrent programs to create new things. When we use this it is alot of fun but it is also very hard.

About me

I love music and it is a huge part in my life.

I play the VIola and i love to sing i cannot go a day without listining to music. Although a will never go onstage and perform by myself i love it.

My Biome

My biome is the temperate deciduous forest.

My forest has four ditinctly diffrent seasons;spring,summer,fall,and winter. There are a ton of diffrent kinds of animals and plant in my forest.

My famous scientist

My scientist was Robert Boyle, an amazing scientist.

He was a very important part in the science world and he invented the modern experimental method. He was a british scientist and was the youngest.


I am in a magnet program called KSAT it stands for Kruger School of Applied Tecnhology

All of our classses are pre-ap and is very challenging, but it is totally worth it because we get to do the best things ever
Some of the things we get to do is build rockets from sixth grade thru eight grade and it is awesome because then we get to see them in action.
We don't just build rockets we also take awesome field trips like in sixth grade we took a charter bus to the renaissance festival and we got to have and awesome time. Last week we also got to go to Enchanted rock and we got to hike up four hundread and twenty five feet.
But of course with all of this fun time and being away from school you have to maintain and eighty or above in all youre core classes to stay in KSAT, thats why we get to get out of school. You should tottaly try to apply to get in because it is a blast and if youre into enginnering, math, or science this is defenetly the place for you.

My favorite music artists

  1. Bruno Mars
  2. Katy Perry
  3. Ke$ha Sebert
  4. Alicia Keys
  5. Adel Adkins