This is one of the images I created with the help of the GIMP. Click on the link titled GIMP on the navigation bar to see more.

This is a picture of my Blender Game. That's a Snorlax you play as. Interesting, huh. Click on the Blender Gmae link to see learn more.

This is a picture of my project on the Grassland Biome. If you want to learn more, click on the link titled Biome on the navigation bar.

Welcome to my Homepage

This page serves as a portal to see all of my work at my school. From the top navigation bar, you can look at my GIMP and Biome projects. I think it's cool that I was able to make these webpages, and if you want to know how, look at my About Me page. I mean if you actually came to this page, you probably want to see something cool, so just follow the links!