This is one of my overlay projects. I made it in Mr. Becks's class. I made the whole picture black and white, then I selected what I wanted to be yellow.

Blender Title

I made a blender title in Mr. Beck's class. This is a screenshot during the middle of the video. It has a fluid movement around the letters.

Blender Game

I made this game in Mr. Beck's class. I entered it in our school's game of the year, and I was one of the 5 finalists.


This is Krueger Middle School, which is known for KSAT (Krueger School of Applied Technologies). I am in KSAT, and we do a lot of things in it. We build and fly rockets, and learn how to build websites and use Blender and the Gimp. I learned how to make this website! I hope you like it, because I spent a lot of time working on my digital portfolio.