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My name is Micaela Martinez. I am 13 years old and I'm in 7th grade. I'm on team 7K at Krueger middle school. This page will lead to other webpages that I have built.

My School

I go to Walter Krueger middle school in San Antonio, Texas. The school was opened in 1962, and in January of 2013 we celebrated the 50th anniversory of the school. Krueger midddle school is special because it's the only that has magnet program like KSAT. In KSAT we get to build rockets, take a technolgy class, and go on all sorts of field trips. Since KSAT is a magnet program, all of the classes are pre-ap.


My friends make going to Krueger very interesting. They are a freaky bunch, but I guess I'm weird too. The ones that I talk to the most are Natalie, CheyAnne, Hazel, Camryn, Zoe, Rayna, Destiney, and Sidney. There's many more, but too many to list. My friends are always there for me and I can count on them for anything. Sometimes they can make me really angry, but I'll forgive them in the end.

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  • Just Hanging Around

      This was before UIL. Honors orchestra is made up of 7th and 8th graders, so it can get pretty crazy. The picture is just my friend Camryn being Camryn. Honors was hanging out in the auditorium because we had UIL that day. I was just sitting by the ramp with Camryn and Zoe, and Hazel was lying face down on the floor listening to music on her phone. I dont know what was going through her mind, she just got up snd sat on the edge of the ramp underneath the rail. When Hazel got up, she took a picture of her then told to hang like she's doing in this picture. Pretty soon, Hazel started what ever this was, then Cassy. Zoe's friend Oscar came over and started to hang, but he kicked it up a knotch and did pull-ups at the same time he was hanging.