Colorful World

Thanks to Courtany for making this beautiful overlay project to where she made one of our schools wall from boring to spectacular!


Thanks to this anomynas creator for her/his gimp overlay creation creating our schools floor inot something that might give you a seizure if you stare at it for to long.


Thanks to Janet for her creation on Gimp turning our computer labs windows from see through to wonderful wonderland colors!


Thanks to this anomyans creater for her/his protrait project showing some of our students having fun at our drum concert that we had featuring us.

Computer Teachers

Thanks to this anomynas creatore for this portrait project showing our schools KSAT computer teachers talking to each other with a rainbow frenzy in the background. Good choice!

Meagan Adams

Meagan did a wonderful job on her signature graphic bringing us life with her spirling colors and crazy stars. Thanks Meagan!

Special Thanks

Thanks For Your Wonderful Creations!

  • 1) Victoria Day
  • 2) Ana Linares
  • 3) Sofia Martino
  • 4) Aaron Mayfield
  • 5) Meagan Rowe