About KSAT

  • Rockets

    Here at KSAT, we build rockets, and launch them. We learn from the best. Mr. Lain and Mrs. Thomas are the experts.They know anything and eveything about rockets. Last year our Team America placed second in the nation. We compete against high schools.

    It takes skill to be as awesomely cool as us.

  • Technology

    Here at KSAT, we have a whole class dedicated to technology. We are very tech savvy.

    Mr. Beck, and Mr. Groff are geniuses. They are the wisest in the land. Want to be rich when you grow up? These guys know how to do it.

  • Field Trips

    Seventh grade took a field trip to the most enchanting place you'll ever see; Enchanted Rock.

    This sparkling, pink rock is a magical sight, and a challenging climb. Want to go on awesome field trips like this? KSAT is the place to be.

About The Author

I am the author. My name is Alexa, and obviously, I am in KSAT. Hmmm a little bit about me, I play soccer. I like the color pink, and I live in Texas.

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