Digital Portfolio Maya Fajardo

March 5, 2013

About me :)

Hi, I'm Maya :D So, this is my coversheet (homepage) for my Digital Portfolio. The other links should go to my various projects, I know some of them are weird and the others are beautiful :/ I'm new at this. The picture to the left is one of a NYC skyline. I was born in NYC coincidentally but I live in San Antonio now.
March 7, 2013

Random Facts

I know the picture is small but it's a collage of some of my favorite things. One Direction, leopard prints, and just some inspirational quotes. Of One Direction my favorite in the band is probably Liam. He's Daddy Directioner and is probably the most responsible one of them all.
March 8, 2013

One Direction

This is One Direction. One Direction is a British band who formed while their members were competing on the X Factor UK. I love them, especially Liam. :)

March 18, 2013

Leopard Print

Just an example of some stuff I like, such as leopard print. Etc etc, just me rambling on :/

March 20, 2013

Taylor Swift

This is my role model, Taylor Swift. She's called a serial dater but I think people just want a reason to hate on her. I think she's an inspiration because she sticks up for herself, and she doesn't get scared off by the fact that she's had her heart broken many times. Right now her most popular song is We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together and even though most of the guys hate it, me and my friends love that song. I hope people realize how amazing and an inspiration she is.
March 20, 2013


The logo for my middle school. Actually, my school is the entire reason I'm doing this homepage :I Not complaining but this webpage is breaking a lot. Anyways, all the links above link to different pages I've made. Also, I'm in 7th grade just as an FYI. Hope you enjoy the other pages!