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About KSAT

Krueger School of Applied Technologies (KSAT), is an applied technology, school-within-a-school magnet program centered around Aerospace and technology. We are housed at Krueger Middle School, North East ISD, in San Antonio, Texas. Students' core courses are Pre-AP and designed with rigor to prepare them for advanced high school studies that in turn will enable them to expand their college admission opportunities.

Challenging students to excel is a continuous process and the earlier this starts, the more acclimated students will be for future academic rigor. KSAT challenges students to excel by providing a curriculum that is rigorous, exciting and meaningful. This middle school magnet program is unique because the derivation of curriculum focuses on relevant application of learned concepts through a holistic approach known as subject integration. Simply put, KSAT brings all of the academic subjects together so that students see the relevancy to each other, and through hands-on activities, students apply these concepts to real-world projects.

All of this is done so that “relevancy” (authentic & practicable engagement) can be established in traditional, classic academics. Teamwork, self-discipline, and a desire to learn are cultivated by this approach. Building rockets, robots, radios, and pyramids are a few of the hands-on activities students will complete. Additionally, class trips and guest speakers reinforce learning and make it fun.


  • Team Pages

    6K Team Page
    Team 6K works with many prerequisite skills in the areas of rocketry, robotics, and technology.

  • 7K Team Page
    7K builds on the skills taught during the previous year. The students work with solid rocket fuel and learn to create top-notch multimedia projects.

  • 8K Team Page
    In 8K we take the advanced skills that have been developed during the previous two years to compete and win!