On October 17, 2015 Krueger Middle School was represented by the KSAT Robotics Team at the San Antonio Boosting Engineering Science and Technology Robotics Competition.  The 2015 KSAT Robotics Team won 7th place among 31 high school and 2 middle school teams.

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KSAT students showcase game controllers and games at Maker Faire

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San Antonio, TX—(November 6, 2015) - Barnes & Noble on 410 and San Pedro hosted its first Mini Maker Faire nationwide. Students at Krueger’s School of Applied Technologies presented their creations Friday, November 6th.

At this maker faire people of all ages could engage with cutting-edge technology from XYZprinting, littleBits, Raspberry Pi, Sphero, Ozobot, and more. KSAT students used projects made with Python programming, Blender 3D, and the MaKey MaKey circuit board. Customers visited the students’ booth to “meet the makers.” Students were prepared with something to show, tell, and do. This was a great opportunity for students to learn how to present in a hands-on-environment. After explaining a little about their projects, and showing visitors how to use their controllers, visitors played student games and programs.


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The Krueger School of Applied Technologies (KSAT) is a magnet program located on the campus of Krueger Middle School. This unique magnet program focuses on integrating core subject content using thematic units to build relevancy across the curriculum. By using hands-on activities and applying concepts to real world projects, students make connections between their traditional academic classes while learning to work as a team, improve self-discipline, and foster a lifelong desire to learn.

KSAT uses Aerospace Science and Technologies as its theme. Students take three years of rocketry and aviation classes as part of their core curriculum in addition to two required technology classes. The KSAT program uses project-based learning in which students apply either the scientific method or engineering design processes to complete major class projects. Using this style of teaching, the teachers are able to actively engage students in rigorous, inquiry based learning. The instructional units incorporate science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) with an emphasis on team work, problem solving, and improving communication skills.

As KSAT students progress through the program, their rocket projects increase in difficulty, requiring them to increase their understanding and use of STEM concepts. During 8th grade students take part in theTeam America Rocketry Challenge, a national rocket competition, as one of their unit projects, which allows them to demonstrate the level of skill they have acquired by attending the program. In 6th and 7th grade the technology courses use professional-grade software such as Adobe's Creative Suite and Blender. Students also have the opportunity to create websites and Android applications. KSAT is an all-around rigorous Pre-Advance Placement (Pre-AP) program in which students compete for admission. KSAT also offers Gifted and Talented classes to students.

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