Great Student Work!

Software Used on Campus!

  • pic Student Proficiency with the Adobe Master Suite is Key!

    Our technology classes focus heavily on the use of the Adobe Master Suite. At Krueger, we constantly build student proficiency with these tools so that the students can use them to enhance their ability to communicate and present in all subject areas.

  • pic 3-D Animation with Blender

    Our students produce award winning 3-D games and animation using progams like Blender. Starting in 6th grade, students begin working with this professional level software. Our eighth grade students create projects that are simply amazing!

  • pic Ubuntu Linux!

    Many of our computers offer students a choice between Windows or Linux! A large part of our curriculum is designed to be taught using Ubuntu Linux. Much software we use on campus can be downloaded free of charge as well because it is Open Source. For download links, check out the links on the right!


At Krueger Middle School, our technology is second to none!

From digital graphics, to 3-D design, the technology are students utilize every day across the curricum is simply unmatched anywhere in the state of Texas at the middle school level!

Open Source Software!

We utilize much of the software linked below in our curriculum. The best part: It's all free!