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for Krueger, KSAT and iMAK Students


· Sixth graders will wear collared solid yellow shirts.
· Seventh graders will wear collared solid white shirts.
· Eighth graders will wear collared solid black shirts.
· Collared Oxford/Polo, long or short sleeves, are acceptable.
· Shirts must be conservative and modest in appearance. No zippers, or tee shirts.
· Spirit shirts may be worn on selected days authorized by the principal.

· Only Khaki trousers or slacks, walking shorts, or skorts/skirts are permitted.
· Pants and/or shorts will be worn securely at the waist.
· All trousers or slacks, walking shorts, or skorts/skirts will be conservative and modest in appearance.
· Walking shorts, skorts/skirts do not extend above the fingertips when arms are at your side.
  Excessively high slits in clothing will not be permitted.



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