The Zacatecas Experience:  A Search for Identity

ISA Sophomores travel to Zacatecas, Mexico

Travel Brochure


February 27-March 5, 2006


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Key Question: How are the history and cultural identity of Zacatecas linked to those of San Antonio and how do they relate (or not relate) to you personally?

Trip Goals

Packing Tips

Curriculum - Pre/During/Post Trip Activity Schedule

Trip Wish List



Monday, February 27  9am - Load Buses  10am Buses Leave 


Return to San Antonio:

Sunday, March 5  early morning  approximately 7am.  Please be prepared to pick up your child. (parents will be called) 

 Group Leaders: 

Brad Dehart 


Sophomore  English Teacher

Russell Rowton


Sophomore  Social Studies Teacher

Leslie Ramirez 


Sophomore  Math Teacher

Mitzi Moore


Sophomore Science Teacher

Kevin McConnell


Sophomore Team English Intern 

Kathy Bieser


Freshman Social Studies Teacher

Lindsay Perrett


Freshman English Teacher 

Illiana Liberatore

Lee High School Latin Teacher 

Angela Breidenstein


Trinity University Intern Coordinator

Marjorie Kopacsi


I.S.A. Counselor

Hotel/Room Accommodations:


Radisson Gran Ancira Plaza    
Av. Hidalgo y Escobedo

Zona Centro, Monterry


  Hotel Emporio (formerly Hotel Continental)

Av. Hidalgo 703 Col. Centro

Zacatecas, Zac. C.P. 98000



The charter/tour company is OK Tours.  This tour company has been used for sophomore team trips for the past 5 years with excellent results.

Weather  Zacatecas Monterrey
While the water at the hotel is potable, students are asked to bring  1 case (12 bottles) of bottled water each. 
Travel Tips and Etiquette Click here for ISA travel tips and hotel etiquette.

Thanks also to Marion Oettinger and Olga  Samples Davis of the San Antonio Museum of Art for their assistance. The field trip to the museum and Mission San Jose helps students develop a visual vocabulary for their trip.  Students begin to see the connection between San Antonio and Zacatecas.


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