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Takayama, Japan


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Takayama Nishi High School

Next Trip: June 2014


February 8 - 17, 2014

Homestay Exchange

Because the trip needs a minimum amount to make it affordable , we will travel every other year.


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ISA Student Exchanges


Takayama, Japan

Takayama is located in the mountains west of Tokyo. The International School of the Americas has shared a rich history of experiences with Takayama Nishi High School. This small private high school has about six hundred students.

Pamela Valentine initiated the exchange after she participated in a Fulbright Memorial Fund Fellowship there in the summer of 2000. ISA students have traveled to Japan six times, usually in June every other year. Students from Takayama Nishi High School travel here also every other year, usually in February.

For more information please visit the ISA Japanese Exchange Website


Jiamusi, China

In partnership with Hanban and the Asia Society, ISA was selected to participate in the Confucius Classroom Network. This collaborative cohort of American schools will work to bridge Chinese language and cultural exchange connections with schools in China. In April 2010, ISA welcomed representatives from its partner Jiamusi No. 1 High School in Jiamusi, Heilongjiang Province China. ISA visited Jiamusi in June 2010, and the first student exchange when 10 students and 5 faculty arrived in San Antonio in December 2010 to participate in ISA's MUN conference MUNSA XV. Future visits are anticipated.