ISA Clubs and Organizations 2013-2014

ISA students have rich opportunities to participate in clubs and other events.

Cheese Club (Sponsor - Cacey Wells)

Chess Club (Sponsor –Josh Duelm)

Freshman Board (Sponsors - Stacy Brooks and Kristen Payne)

Garage Rock Club (Sponsor – Brad Dehart)

Geocaching Club (Sponsor – Mitzi Moore)

Interact Service Organization (Sponsor – Mitzi Moore)

International Student Group (Sponsor – Brad Dehart)

Japanese Honor Society (Sponsor – Motoko Abe)

Junior Board (Sponsor – Brad Dehart)

Model United Nations Club (Sponsors – Cassie Allen and Melanie Anderson)

National Honor Society (Sponsors – Bonnie Brawner and Stacy Brooks)

PALS (Sponsor – Cacey Wells)

Senior Board (Sponsor – Luke Freeman)

Sophomore Board (Sponsor – Ashley Davis)

Spanish Honor Society (Sponsors – Berta Galan and Melissa Morales)