For a school to be successful it needs a purpose and a vision. The students, faculty, and community have worked diligently to create a shared vision that makes this school of choice unique and student success oriented. 

  • a school of choice

  • a school in which learning does not take place solely within the walls of the classroom

  • an environment that nurtures a students uniqueness and individual potential

  • a place in which interactive telecommunications link students and teachers across the United States and the world

  • an educational setting designed for immediate response to the rapidly changing needs of the international community

  • a community of learners where professional educators and business leaders work together to provide real-world experiences for students

  • an American classroom where students and teachers communicate in multiple languages and explore international cultures , issues and languages

  • an academic program that stresses high standards in all areas and prepares students to live and learn in our global community.

  • an instructional program where teachers, students, parents and community members all share responsibility for students' success.