about us

The International School of the Americas is a public magnet school that draws students from every high school in the North East Independent School District in San Antonio, Texas and from the greater San Antonio area. There are four grade levels, ninth to twelfth, with approximately 120 students per grade level. The mission of ISA is to challenge all members of the school community to consistently reflect on and question what it means to be acting at one’s fullest potential as a learner, leader, and global citizen. Students and teachers use their education to improve themselves, their school, and the local and global community.

The International School of the Americas is an Exemplary School accredited by the Texas Education Agency.

As a magnet high school with a comprehensive curriculum, the International School of the Americas is one of eight high schools in the North East Independent School District. Students are selected to attend the International School of the Americas through a lottery of all submitted applications of rising freshmen. The approximate enrollment is 465 students, with an ethnic composition that mirrors the City of San Antonio. Over 50% of the students are from ethnic backgrounds other than Anglo with the majority of this group being Hispanic. Approximately 99% of the students are predicted to attend either a four-year or two-year post-secondary institution. 
ISA provides a Pre-AP and AP curriculum. College Board Advanced Placement Courses are offered in English Language, English Literature, U.S. History, U.S. Government and Politics, Comparative Government and Politics, World History, Macroeconomics, Calculus, Biology, Environmental Science, Physics, Spanish Language, and Spanish Literature. Gifted and Talented programs are offered in Mathematics and English. World languages (other than Spanish, Sign Language, and Chinese), athletics, band, choir, theatre, debate, art, physical education, and career and technology courses are offered through Robert E. Lee High School, a comprehensive high school that shares a campus with the International  School of the Americas. Due to ISA's unique requirement of a 120-hour career exploration internship, many ISA students will have one “Off Campus” period listed on their senior schedule. Internships provide the students with an opportunity to participate in career exploration as part of their school-day experience, and do not represent students seeking a less rigorous senior experience.

In addition to meeting all requirements for the recommended diploma set by the State of Texas, ISA students are asked to meet additional school expectations in order meet the mission and graduate profile of the school. The graduate profile includes standards in academic preparation, technological proficiency, problem solving proficiency, and effective communication. Students are required to complete a four-year portfolio based on the standards of the graduate profile. This also includes 120 hours of internship and an internship portfolio as well as 120 hours of community service. ISA students must maintain an 80 average in all their ISA classes by the end of each academic year. 

Students at the International School of the Americas are provided with many instructional opportunities including multi-method teaching, low student-teacher ratios, an emphasis on international education and global citizenship, disciplinary and interdisciplinary curriculum, access to the facilities of a large high school, co curricular field trips, and projects integrating multimedia technology. Students have many opportunities for enrichment such as national and international travel experiences for all students each year, a range of traditional and school specific clubs and organizations, interaction with the arts community in the greater San Antonio area, interaction with international sister schools (Mexico, Sweden, Japan and China), and mentorship from both corporate and community mentors. ISA serves as a professional development school for Trinity University, which means that ISA students have extensive pre-collegiate experiences on the university campus as well on the high school campus.

Over 8% of the 2009 senior class at ISA earned National Merit recognition. The class of 2009 consisted of two National Merit Semi-Finalists, four National Merit Commended Scholars and three National Merit Hispanic Scholars.